‘Yellowjackets’ star Sophie Thatcher is ready to explore Natalie’s dark side in season 2


The series just wrapped up its first season with widespread success and viewership, making it the second most streamed series in Showtime history. Sophie is the teenage counterpart of Juliette Lewis’s adult Natalie, although the two portrayals are sometimes unrecognizable as the same character. It seems intentional, and it goes beyond teen Nat’s bleached blonde hair which should definitely show more of its roots by the end of Season 1. (The reason? It’s a wig, the result of ‘excessive discoloration of his hair to the point where it fell out after returning to yellow jackets of the filming of star wars series Boba Fett. “It wasn’t a good emotional starting point to be half bald. I’m not kidding, I’m not exaggerating. I only showed a few people pictures of how bad it was.”

While Natalie grew up in an abusive home, the future version of her clearly saw a whole new level of shit. As a teenager, Nat is often a voice of reason in the desert as the football team struggles to survive after a plane crash. She is a capable hunter, quick-witted, and good in a crisis. But at some point in the future, she transforms into a more cynical, world-weary character; Lewis’s Natalie struggles with substance use disorder, seemingly in an effort to cope with heartbreak and heartbreak in the wake of what happens in the woods – or perhaps what happens after they return .

“There is a lot more lightness in young Natalie, and it’s growing,” says Sophie. She is a “perfect example” of a character who could be better off in the wilderness, in a situation where she has a purpose and is away from parents who treat her badly. “She’s really starting to blossom. It gives him power, it gives him a distraction. She strikes up a friendship with Coach Ben; she’s testing the waters with a new romance with Travis that we know will eventually sour. “She had so much love in her heart, and to see her turn into this almost suicidal wreckage, to see how dark she’s become, I think is more heartbreaking.” But there are so many questions about how she gets there, and Sophie is excited to delve more into Natalie’s darkness in Season 2: “I just want to do some more bullshit.”

During this time, Sophie reaches two large audiences invested with yellow jackets and the release recently Boba Fett. She’s still not used to it, especially star wars of all that. “I looked at an Instagram post today and read the comments and I was so…hurt,” she said. “I was talking to Juliette yesterday, and she’s been such a great mentor to me and is so positive, helping me, telling me I can’t dwell on the past. People will say what they mean. … you kind of have to detach yourself.

And so Sophie can understand Natalie’s need for a purpose, a distraction to keep her afloat. She feels the need to stay focused on music, art and theater, in order to grow as a person. To remember one’s purpose and self-esteem. “Everything we’ve been through makes us stronger,” Sophie says, “and gives us more stories to tell.”


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