Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Arts, Battle Roles and Classes


Each of the main characters and heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 starts with a specific class and can use special moves called Battle Arts. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses and should be used strategically with other classes to achieve the best results. Fortunately, characters can also level up or change class during the game to make your team even stronger.

Get ready to find out what exactly an art is and which ones are available in the game. Additionally, we’ll be looking at all the classes to explain their skills.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All arts and their categories

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In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, characters automatically attack enemies when in range. But if a special gauge is built, players can press a button to make their characters use Arts. Arts are sets of moves each character possesses that can be used to attack enemies or support allies. For example, some arts can deal high damage to enemies while others can increase the stats of their teammates. There are five different categories for Arts:

fighting arts: Moves that focus on offensive power and attacks.

talent arts: Powerful moves that require filling a gauge before they can be used.

Master’s degree: Powerful moves that are only unlocked after maxing out a character’s stats.

fusion arts: Stacks the effects of two arts together.

Ouroboros Arts: Arts that become available when two characters interconnect to form an Ouroboros. These arts are very powerful.

You can even chain attacks together to create awesome combos. It’s sure to provide something worth watching if you’re streaming gameplay using one of the best capture cards.

All combat arts

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Combat arts focus on powerful offensive attacks. They could help you boost your stats or knock down your enemies. These are all the confirmed combat arts we know about so far, listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Air Fang
  2. blow of air
  3. big impact
  4. bull rush
  5. butterfly blade
  6. To crash
  7. edge thrust
  8. Aether Cannon
  9. Hawk Strike
  10. giant swing
  11. Ground beat
  12. group healing
  13. Hammerhead shark
  14. misty figure
  15. imperial sword
  16. Myopic screen
  17. Fall
  18. ring of power
  19. Shadow Eye
  20. shield strike
  21. stormy sky
  22. Sword strike
  23. Uppercut Slash
  24. variable turret
  25. Wide slash

All artistic talents

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Here are all the Talent Arts we know about so far. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Deflecting field
  • Gemini Strike
  • hammer revolution
  • healing ring
  • infinity blade
  • mad provocation
  • Mega turning edge
  • Overclocking
  • The pressure drop
  • sacred cannon
  • Tsunami
  • Winning Rush

All Master Arts

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Master Arts are powerful skills that only unlock if a character maxes out a class. All the Master Arts we know about so far are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Advanced Cooldown
  • Dark Banner
  • Deflecting field
  • giant swing
  • Ground beat
  • Light ring
  • hidden thorn
  • Maximum voltage
  • powerful beat
  • Multiple Blast
  • noble taunt
  • Overclocking
  • Fall
  • Shadow Eye
  • shield strike
  • Technical care
  • Back home
  • Wide slash

All fusion arts

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It’s when you combine two Arts of a character to stack their effects on top of each other. The gauges of both attacks must be full to do a Fusion Art. These are all Fusion Arts confirmed so far.

  • Dark banner and crash
  • Dark Banner and Ground Rhythm
  • Giant swing and slash
  • Giant swing and floor rhythm
  • Giant Swing and Uppercut Slash
  • Light Ring and Crash Out
  • Mighty Beat & Air Slash
  • Fall and group care
  • Overfall & Uppercut Slash
  • Back home and bull rush
  • Wide slash and sword slash

All the arts of Ouroboros

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An Ouroboros is created when two characters merge into a single being. They offer more powerful attacks and skills than any single character. These are all the Ouroboros arts we know about so far.

  • End of delimitation
  • burning rain
  • superior dinosaur
  • dragon tail
  • earth crusher
  • Ether Collider
  • Ephemeral form
  • hammer revolution
  • lightning arrow
  • Mega turning edge
  • deadly bullet
  • Ghost shot
  • Raptor Raid
  • Ray of punishment
  • sacred cannon
  • Sudden shock
  • typhoon field
  • strike in unison
  • Winning Rush

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Battle Roles

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah with Sword

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There are three combat roles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and each character will play differently depending on what role they are in.

Attacker: Deals high damage but can easily be targeted by enemies. They need the support of Defenders and Healers.

Defender: Focuses on evasion and protecting allies. Can take a lot of hits so they are good for distracting the enemy from attackers and healers.

Healer: Provide buffs to allies, replenish health, and revive fallen teammates from afar. Ask them to support your attackers and defenders in battle.

Different classes are contained in each combat role. Read on to learn more about the courses.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes: What They Are, Rankings, and Evolution

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Although each class has strengths and weaknesses, they all have a role to play. Each combat role is needed in battle to help your teammates. You can make these classes more powerful or change a character to a new class if you wish.

Classify a character’s class

Your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters and heroes will become more powerful as you continue to use them in battle. This is important because it allows them to unlock additional arts and even master skills.

Change course

To change a character’s class, open the class selection menu and switch to the class you want to use. This can be done pretty much anytime as long as the class has been unlocked. To note that when a character changes class, their stats and arts also change.

Unlock hero classes

Heroes work a little differently than main characters. If you want to unlock their class, you must undertake and complete a hero’s specific hero quest.

attacker class
Classes The description
Swordsman A well-rounded attacker who fights with a sword. Noah’s starting class.
Ogre Crush enemy defenses with massive power. Sena starting class.
incursor Unleash more critical hits to damage enemies more. Alexandria starting class.
Full Metal Jaguar Attacks enemies in a wide area with twin guns and drones, the shots getting deadlier with each hit.
stalker An attacker who excels at shooting enemies with arrows and driving them away safely.
yumsmith Protean Attacker class that exploits enemy weak points and uses debuffs to alter the tide of battle.
Defender class
Classes The description
Zephr Effectively dodges attacks and unleashes powerful counters. Mio’s starting class.
heavy guard Wields massive weapons to defend allies and draw in enemy aggro. Lanz’s starting class.
solitary exile An aggressive defender whose fast, deadly strikes draw enemies in, only to mow them down.
Guardian Commander Increases allies’ abilities. Zeon’s starting class.
Healer class
Classes The description
Medic Gunner Restores allies’ health and boosts stats from a safe distance. Eunie’s starting class.
Tactician Disrupts enemies and supports allies. Taion’s starting class.
war doctor Heal party members and support them with stat boosts. Valdi’s starting class.
meaning A healer who attacks enemies and assists allies in combat.

The art of being classy

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a complex combat system that is easy to use but requires skill to master. Be sure to take advantage of your characters’ classes and arts so that they work more effectively on the battlefield. You can always change a character’s class, but remember that variety will also help you win.


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