Would Chelsea or Sally win?


Not that Adam Newman is such a prize on The Young and the Restless. He’s a killer, blackmailer, liar and kidnapper. But, the other day, Chelsea Lawson and Sally Spectra certainly seemed to be drawing battle lines against the wealthy bachelor.

Youth and the Restless Survey

Amazing how many sins a family fortune can make seem less… sinful.) In a one-on-one battle, would Sally (Courtney Hope) or Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) win?

Professional quality

Sally may have done a lot of underhanded stunts in Los Angeles, but she was an amateur compared to Chelsea, who grew up in the scam business and did long inconveniences while Sally was still in high school. Chelsea will always win, 40% of you insist because Chelsea will always be the lowest. Which, of course, involves invoking Connor (Judah Mackey), precious, vulnerable, needy, but brilliant and gifted for athleticism.

The young and the restless: the sisters before the gentlemen

Then again, 30% expect the two women to reread our first paragraph and realize that Adam (Mark Grossman) is not worth it. It makes a lot more sense for them to fight over who will be in charge of Newman Media Fashion. Boss girl!

Mutually insured destruction

It won’t be over until both are completely destroyed, predicted 19% of the public. Neither woman knows when to stop – when they’re the bad guy and when they’re the victim. Even if one is erased, its last move will be to remove the other with it.

new girl in town

In last place, 11% put their money on Sally. Chelsea has already done the worst… and all it got for her was a trip to the mental institution and Conner’s joint custody, instead of sole custody… and all of Adam’s money. Sally and Adam don’t have all that to do. They can make new ones.

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