With Fortnite building removed, the battle royale community is split in two


By removing the ability to build, Fortnite changed the whole complexion of its battles. That’s our impression of the change, after some hands-on time with the game this week. As it stands, it’s not a permanent fixture, but has instead been rolled out as the showcase for Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3which really started on Sunday, March 20. With Fortnite building removed – something that should last around a week – “Movement Enhancements” are currently in place, applied to the sprint, climb, and slide elements, designed to help players in the heat of conflict. Naturally, the Fortnite community is split in two.

Three and a half years after launch, even the smallest changes to Fortnite’s blueprint are met with vocal rejection – but the difference of opinion among players on this one seems understandable. This may be a temporary measure tied to the overall story of the main game (the ability to build is still present in the game’s Arena and Competitive modes), but it’s a seismic measure in mechanical terms. “Some players get used to it quickly because they didn’t build much before,” says the Fortnite specialist and journalist. Ben Walker. “But there are others who rely on construction, and that’s a huge change for them. By removing construction, we’re also able to fully compare Fortnite to every other Battle Royale game, and when you do that, you realize just how much Fortnite’s map was designed with construction in mind. »


Fortnite Season 2

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Much to my contempt, I experienced the latter firsthand when I fell several stories to my death after being ambushed on a rooftop in Tilted Towers. I’m admittedly far from a seasoned Fortnite builder, but simply removing a core feature that I unwittingly fall back on in certain circumstances – i.e. to get a quick perspective on one of the vertical points of interest on the map – I found my mind preoccupied, and thus left me vulnerable to attack. And it looks like I’m not alone in my struggles.

“Fortnite’s whole identity, at least in terms of raw gameplay, stems from its construction,” adds Walker. “You see a lot of players saying things like, ‘this game’s been out for three years, if you can’t build now, then you should try another game.’ It doesn’t matter where you are, though, I think it’s really interesting to get that perspective on what Fortnite looks like without its core mechanic, it’s fun to have fun without building, even after all these years.

“It will also be interesting to see how people deal with this during this non-build period, what they think about it at the end and what the ratio is in terms of the distribution of players who want to stay with the mode without construction, compared to other players who are begging for him to come back.”


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“I think it’s a good thing they’re taking notes from elsewhere as they’re also reworking them in Fortnite’s own style so it doesn’t immediately feel alien to Fortnite players.”

Ben Walker, Fortnite expert

With that, and considering that Epic removing building from Fortnite has been one of its worst-kept secrets, Walker believes a full-fledged no-build mode is likely to surface after this time. story-based essay. For me, the potential longevity of a game-changing no-build mode is of most interest, much more so than this pseudo trial period, especially against Walker’s thoughts on how no-build Fortnite compares to its battle royale rivals. like Warzone, Apex Legends and PUBG Battlegrounds.

Walker continues, “To me, it seems like Epic has been taking a lot of notes from Warzone over the past few months, especially with the set fortnite gold bars and money system stuff. The tactical sprint that was just added too is also from Warzone. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good thing they’re taking notes from elsewhere as they’re also reworking it in Fortnite’s own style so it doesn’t immediately seem alien to Fortnite players.”

“That said, removing building, something we’re so used to in Fortnite, you can sometimes feel your brain struggling. Sometimes it’s hard to take in the fact that you can’t build for cover, and that instead you have to take cover like in other battle royale games. This week will definitely be interesting for Fortnite builders!”

New construction


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“I’ve also seen people who’ve been playing the game for a while say they love it, it’s fresh, and it gave them their second Fortnite wind.”

Ben Walker, Fortnite expert

And so through it all, I still can’t decide if I love or hate Fortnite without a building. Not yet, at least. The removal of building changes so much about what I understand about Fortnite you see and while I think it’s great to be kept on my toes, so much of what defines Fortnite is now missing, even if only temporarily. Again, I’m no expert on Fortnite construction, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s almost cruel to have something removed overnight that served as a safety net before.

For pro players still enjoying Fortnite’s main battle royale mode, Walker believes, the next few days won’t be very pleasant. But, on the other hand, those who don’t mind building an inordinate amount have found themselves invigorated in an open-world live service game that feels fresh and new.

“No building will continue to affect the pros the most, I’ve seen many of pro gamers and content creators saying they absolutely hate the build,” Walker laughs. “But I’ve also seen people who’ve been playing the game for a while saying they love it, that he’s fresh and that he gave them their second Fortnite wind. These players have been playing for so long that they are maybe starting to get a little tired of it, and this mode has spiced things up, so far.”

“At the end of the day, I think it depends on what you want from the game. If you’re good at building, and that’s why you’re good at the game, then you’re going to have a hard time with that, obviously. But, equally, if you’re good at aiming and can adapt, then I’m sure you’ll love it.”

With or without a building, here are some superb fortnite tips for claiming that coveted Victory Royale.


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