Who is the main character in each season?


Over its eight-season run that produced multiple Emmys and over 11 million viewers in its final season, game of thrones balanced several intriguing storylines tied to the grand scheme of Westeros and who would rule the Seven Kingdoms. Additionally, the series perfectly balanced its excellent cast of characters across these stories which, while some were connected, felt uniquely their own. This allowed viewers to truly immerse themselves in the vast world of Westeros and believe that this world was truly alive.

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8 Season 1: Ned Stark’s tenure as Hand of the King was short but memorable

Ned Stark, Guardian of the North, was an instant hit with fans of the show as he seemed like the only good man in King’s Landing. While he was the Hand of the King and Robert Baratheon was the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Ned was at the center of the story as he tried to unravel the mystery of who killed Jon Arryn.

Robert made Ned Protector of the Realm until Joffrey came of age, but young Baratheon and his mother had other plans, leading to one of the best plot twists in modern television history.

seven Season 2: Tyrion takes charge and leads the defense of King’s Landing

After establishing that everyone was on the chopping block in Season 1, the series focused primarily on King’s Landing, with Tyrion Lannister serving as the new Hand of King for the volatile and immature Joffrey. Peter Dinklage won his first Emmy after a standout performance in Season 1, and the actor built on that with a great performance throughout Season 2.

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6 Season 3: Tyrion dominates screentime even as the Lannisters push him back

Season 3 was a tough time for Tyrion. His position as Hand of the King was taken and he was returned to the bottom of the totem pole. Tywin saved the day at the Battle of Blackwater and received all the credit. Tyrion was made Master of the Mint and still served on the council, albeit in a less noble role.

Tyrion was also forced to marry Sansa, which was hard to watch for Sansa’s sake, and Tyrion, as his father once again tormented him. Dinklage was once again excellent and showed why he is one of the best actors on the show.

5 Season 4: Tyrion faces impossible odds as he’s framed for killing Joffrey

The trial speech is the scene that exemplifies everything that was great about Game of thrones. In a show filled with dragons and the undead, a simple scene of Tyrion letting loose with his family and the people of King’s Landing might be the best moment in the show’s history.

RELATED: The 10 Most Iconic Game Of Thrones Lines After Joffrey is apparently poisoned at his own wedding, Cersei frames Tyrion for killing his eldest, and he must defend himself in a trial and then face a trial by combat. Tyrion’s arc comes full circle as he murders his father during his escape, leaving King’s Landing behind.

4 Season 5: Cersei fights for control of her last son

Tyrion finally took a back seat in Season 5 as he headed east towards Daenerys, and with Tywin’s death there was a power vacuum in King’s Landing and Cersei took command. With Tommen in power as king, Cersei tried to manipulate him into doing her bidding and even turned to the High Sparrow, emboldening the religious leader in the process.

The plan backfired when the High Sparrow arrested Cersei and forced her to confess her sins, leading to the iconic Walk of Atonement, Lena Headey’s best scene as Cersei and one of best performance in the series.

3 Season 6: Jon Snow is resurrected and takes over the North

While elected Lord Commander in Season 5, Jon Snow was still behind Stannis Baratheon’s goals and wasn’t really the focus of the show. However, after his fellow Guardians murdered him, Snow became the focus of the show as Davos, and other allies attempted to revive the Lord Commander.

It went a step further when Jon Snow turned his attention to the North; the building seasons were executed perfectly when Snow took over Winterfell and was declared King in the North. It was also revealed that he was Lyanna Stark’s son, not Ned’s.

2 Season 7: Jon Snow tries to save Westeros from the Night King

In one of TV’s best slow motions, Jon Snow slowly made his way to center stage in game of thrones, which culminated in Season 6 when he was made King in the North, and it continued in Season 7 as he sought to protect the North from the threat of the undead army of the night king.

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Snow attempted to make an alliance with Daenerys, which dominated half of the season, including a harrowing journey beyond the wall. The season really focused on Snow balancing his duties as King in the North and his desire for peace in Westeros.

1 Season 8: Jon Snow watches Daenerys descend into madness

Season 8 of game of thrones was a divisive mess as the writers tried to tie multiple storylines together in an incredibly short amount of time. As a result, former Breaker of Chains Daenerys went evil within a few episodes, and Jon Snow was relegated to watching it all unfold.

The backseat position of Snow and Daenerys becoming the villains makes this season hard to gauge, but Snow is still the main character as he is the man who takes down Daenerys and “saves” the Seven Kingdoms. Having a character like Snow relegated to such a role was panned by fans and critics alike, but he was still the main character in the final season.

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