Warzone players hate Krampus Ruining Battle Royale Games


It’s the season to be happy, but this year’s Krampus literally takes the joy away from Warzone players!

Earlier this week, the Festive Fervor event began in the popular Battle Royale. And with the Krampus event, a mythical monster has also been added to the game.

The Pacific Update has been live for just over a week in Warzone. Gamers are busy adjusting to the new changes, but console gamers are still wondering when the FOV cursor arrives on Warzone.

Whether you like the changes or not, one thing is certain that Warzone is changing for good. But it looks like the last Christmas event may be a bigger nuisance than expected.

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warzone battle royale krampus ruin games


Warzone players hate the Krampus monster in the Festive Fervor update

Earlier this week, Activision unveiled a new Christmas LTM confirming Krampus’ arrival in Warzone. But it seems gamers hate the Krampus because it ruins battle royale mode.

Reddit user ‘Luc_SXHC‘took the Warzone subreddit to voice concerns. According to the player, it was a bad idea to put the Krampus in normal Battle Royale mode. Additionally, it is more frustrating to deal with his random appearances, especially during the later stages of the game.

Even though the Christmas Monster’s sole purpose is to take away the joy, it forces players to change the way they play. Many in the community shared the same sentiment and one player shared what many felt.

“the worst is not even Krampus himself, but the fact that he gives your location and everyone comes to see you when you have exhausted all your ammunition and your plates”

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warzone christmas festive event fervor krampus


While a majority of the community has spoken out about Krampus’ overpowered state as he begins to hunt players, some players also find the new LTM fun.

It remains to be seen if there will be a nerf to the Krampus’ behavior in the battle royale. The power to make a change is in the hands of the developers, and last week Raven Software has already addressed sound issues in Caldera.

Also, the last The RICOCHET anti-cheat is finally available worldwide in a war zone.

Finally, be sure to use the best keyboard and mouse settings in Warzone Pacific. These will help you bring down the Krampus without breaking a sweat.


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