Warzone players find out the payout to win the MP40 plan in the Season 1 Battle Pass


After the Vangaurd: Season 1 update introduced a new map and weapons for the battle royale, Warzone players discovered an MP40 blueprint in the Battle Pass that is labeled as ‘pay to win’.

The new season marks the start of a new era of Warzone by incorporating Caldera and all that Vanguard has to offer in battle royale.

On top of that, players received a full battle pass with 100 levels of rewards to earn. From blueprints to operator skins, there is so much to unbox.

However, the community has discovered a model in the pass that is chargeable because it has an attachment that is not allowed.


The Space Issue MP40 plane in Warzone has Vital that does more damage to the chest.

Warzone paid to win the MP40 plan

If you’re looking for a competitive edge over your enemies, you might want to embrace the Space Issue MP40 plan.

BearPig‘took to Twitter when he discovered that thanks to this MP40 had the attachment Vital which “Increases the size of the critical hit area on enemies.” This means that shots to the chest can be recorded as bullet damage to the head, which makes the TTK even faster.

Players call this “pay to win,” as the space issue is only unlocked by purchasing the battle pass and reaching level 45. For those wondering, Vital is not an attachment on a loadout. MP40 normal.

In the beta version of Vanguard Vital was able to be equipped with the MP40 but was removed before the game launched. It is therefore possible that the developers forgot to remove it from the blueprint before releasing the battle pass.

There are mixed reports from players saying it’s just a visual bug while others claim it does more damage. However, if it has a heavier punch than the normal MP40s, players are concerned that it could trigger a pay-to-win trend in Warzone.


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