Viking Survival Sim Valheim drops to PC Game Pass later this month


Viking Survival Simulator Valheim, will make its way to PC Game Pass later this month. Yes, this was all announced during the Xbox showcase in June, but now we have a date.

Valheim was one of the big hits of the pandemic era, a surprise hit that rocketed up Steam’s sales charts upon release thanks to a signal boost from the Twitch community and an army of gamers still stuck on the lookout. home. A game about building a thriving Viking settlement in a mystical kingdom inspired by Norse mythology was fairly new, but it was the challenge of the game that drew players in. In its early days, the game’s balance was all over the place and its enemies were punishing, so every advancement felt like a major victory.

I remember when my friends and I completed the fence around our colony and enjoyed our first night of peace. I remember spending hours building the perfect dock for our increasingly large and expensive boat, only to have my friends corner it halfway around the world while I was at work. I remember blasting up to what were then the top levels of the crafting tree and finding that everything had gotten incredibly expensive to produce because the devs didn’t expect anyone goes that far. I’m sure this has already been resolved. The game has had a ton of updates since the early days, so I’m taking its launch on Game Pass as a signal that I should come back to see how things are going.

Hark, a trailer is approaching:

In any event, Valheim is awesome and you should play it when it releases on PC Game Pass on September 29th. No word on console version release dates just yet, but I don’t expect it to be too far behind.


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