Untitled Battle Arena Codes – Free Money


Get started quickly in this new Roblox game currently in testing – Untitled Combat Arena. Who says new game says new codes!

Untitled Combat Arena is a brand new Roblox anime inspired game! You take control of different anime characters and fight to level up, much like Anime Fighters Simulator. Like all new Roblox games, testing, updates, and new milestones mean there will always be codes on the way. We’ve looked up the latest codes for UCA, so be sure to check them out below!

We checked the new codes on August 8but nothing new was added.

All Untitled Battle Arena Codes

Here are the working UCA codes.

  • 11KLIKES – 1k free money
  • 12KLIKES – 1k free money
  • 13KLIKES – 1k free money
  • SORRY4SHUTDOWN – free currency
  • 10KLIKES – free currency
  • 9KLIKES – free currency
  • POGCHAMP – free currency
  • THANK YOU FOR PLAYING – more free money
  • 1MVISITS – free currency!


Be sure to enter these codes exactly as you see them – i.e. with a space between the number and visits/likes!

You won’t get a message when you redeem these codes, but check how much extra money you have at the bottom left of the screen.

Expired Codes

  • 8KLIKES – free currency
  • 6KLIKES – free currency
  • 7KLIKES – free currency
  • 800KVISITS – free currency!
  • 900KVISITS – free currency!
  • 5KLIKES – free currency
  • 4KLIKES – free currency
  • 600KVISITS – free currency
  • 700KVISITS – free currency
  • ROBLOX SERVERS – free currency
  • 500,000 visits – free currency!
  • 3KLaimes – free currency!
  • 100,000 visits – free currency!
  • 250,000 visits – free currency!
  • 1KLike – free currency!
  • 2KLaimes – free currency!

Latest UCA Updates

UCA is going through a lot of updates as the game is currently still in active development. The most recent update introduced some fixes for Gojo, improved game balance, and refreshed the shortcut bar icons.

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How to Redeem Codes in Untitled Battle Arena

Follow these simple steps to redeem in-game codes:

  • Load the game and select a character
  • Hit it menu button at the bottom right of the screen
  • Success Codes
  • Enter code
  • Redeem!

What is the Untitled Battle Arena?

Untitled Combat Arena is an untitled anime fighting game still in beta that has just been released on Roblox. It’s quite popular right now and the Discord is full of fans! There’s also a Trello board that will help you navigate through different parts of the game. There are different abilities, enemies to kill, and a nice map to explore – you can see a picture of it above! Check out the game’s official page here.

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