Ubisoft closes online access for several older game titles


Following the latest news regarding Ubisoft and the possibility that this game publishing/developer studio could be the next to be acquired, it was recently reported that online services for this have been around for several years, it was stated that at least online services for at least 90 different Ubisoft titles across multiple platforms.

In a Gamespot.com report, those 90 titles included America’s Army, Far Cry Blood Dragon, Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Vegas, Rayman Legends, a ton of Just Dance titles, and many more. Also note: while some of these games will have their online services shut down, other services will only be partially shut down and will operate with limited functionality. Some games will also functionally stop online on specific platforms only.

Many believe that Ubisoft has shut down its old services due to the current state of the business, as it has recently been reported that Ubisoft’s stock prices have fallen lately, and many internal and external struggles could end up causing the company to put itself up for sale to stay in business.

The biggest concern many players have with recent shutdowns is that unlockable content such as new skins and maps may now be completely inaccessible for some titles. PC users will be most affected by this, as some content will now be permanently unavailable, even if the content was previously unlocked, while console players will still have access to unlocked content, as long as their save file remains intact.

Ubisoft has not yet provided a reason for the shutdown of online services for the affected games.

For those interested in the full list of Ubisoft titles whose online services have been shut down, users can visit Ubisoft’s official support page here.

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