Thymesia’s combat system, build customization, and difficulty make it a great Soulslike first


When OverBorder Studio announced the release of its first project, Dark souls fans around the world rejoiced at first sight of thymesis, a Soulslike with a plague doctor protagonist arriving in December. Since the success of the Dark souls series, many similar games were released, and the phenomenon was on such a scale that the Soulslike genre was born, labeling titles that aspire to be as engaging and compelling as the original franchise. There are many games that fall into this category, and the hard difficulty is one of the more stringent requirements for them to be Soulslike due to the ruthless and punitive way the game is played. Dark souls series can be.


thymesis does all of this and more, given that it is also atypical in some of its features compared to classic Soulslike games, which makes it rather unique. Game Rant spoke to OverBorder Studio about what makes thymesis closer to Dark souls, Ancient ring, and others, and what marks it as something else. This includes its combat system, character progression, and the degree of customization available to players, as well as how it was designed in terms of complexity and challenge.

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Why Thymesia is a Perfect Soul-like First Game


One of the very first things to talk about when it comes to thymesis is that it lacks an endurance bar, which is otherwise a very distinctive feature of most Soulslike titles due to the resource management being part of the challenge. OverBorder Studio never wanted him to be part of thymesis because it can take something away from players, which is that having to micromanage stamina comes at the cost of limiting options and possibilities in all kinds of scenarios. The lack of the stamina bar could apparently make thymesis inherently less tricky and tricky, but OverBorder Studio has shaken things up with strategy and other features to keep the game going.

[…] we knew we didn’t want to use an endurance bar to limit or dictate what the player can or should do. This decision made it a lot harder for us to design the fight, as the player can do whatever they want, and we needed to find a way to allow players to strategically plan their moves instead of just sending out attacks. spam.

thymesis also has a monetary system which functions similarly to that of Dark souls games, where players accumulate fragments of memory, and death can take them away permanently if they’re not careful. These precious shards serve to enhance the main character, Corvus, in multiple ways. This is where customization comes in, with several talents to choose from, including ones that drastically change the way the game is played – like one that removes parry altogether in favor of a permanent defensive buff.

You can approach each enemy differently and wait to react to their attacks, or you can attack first, forcing them to counterattack and opening them up to parry. Corvus build can be customized to suit different playstyles or to prepare for enemies and bosses the player will encounter along their journey.

There are also different plague weapon abilities that Corvus can launch with. thymesisthe mana of, called plague energy, which is directly related to the lore surrounding the character and real-life plague healers. Potions are also a big part of thymesis, and OverBorder Studio even said there was an almost impossible encounter before these concoctions were introduced, but now it’s doable. Still, the difficulty of the game is quite bizarre, because thymesis was designed so that the whole thing could be completed with a naked level 1 character, without any of the upgrades available.

Overall, the combination of all of these aspects makes for a very interesting Soulslike for veterans, and even better for newcomers to the genre. In reality, thymesis may be the perfect game to introduce players to Soulslike games, so completing this and jumping onto the next one might seem like a challenge level up.

thymesis releases December 7th on PC.

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Thymesia may not be the next Dark Souls, but it may be the first Thymesia

OverBorder Studios’ Thymesia should embrace and showcase his original ideas, rather than delving into similarities between himself and the Souls games.

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