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Do you know where the markets are going? Start capitalizing on your knowledge now!

Binary options are widely traded in the traditional stock market. PRDT Finance brings a similar take, making the whole process on-chain and decentralized, allowing you to trade cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, and more.

With a plan to bring binary options trading to the DeFi world, PRDT Finance has managed to become the first fully decentralized cross-chain prediction platform in the market.

PRDT Finance currently leads the decentralized binary options space on the Binance Smart chain and Polygon Network, rewarding users for correctly predicting the price movement of a particular asset, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies.

How predictions work

Their process is simple: predict whether the price of your asset will be higher or lower at the end of a predetermined period. If you predict a bullish position and the price closes higher at the end of the live phase, you win; if it is lower, you lose. Similarly, the same is true if you predict a downside position and your asset closes.

Two pools of users (divided into up and down bettors) are compiled into the total prize pool, and these pools are used to determine win multipliers for users. Thus, if there are more upside predictions than downside, the multiplier for an accurate downside prediction would be larger and vice versa. While the multipliers are variable in the current classic version, the pro version will offer a fixed multiplier of 1.8x and will allow traders to open as many positions simultaneously on any of the assets offered, within 3 to 30min. .

Making Waves – About PRDT Finance Technology

To further ensure customer satisfaction, it has also collaborated with ChainLink and concurrently uses Binance APIs as it allows for greater security by preventing interference with the start price, locked price, or close price of each round.

Currently, the platform supports predictions on Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), BinanceCoin (CRYPTO: BNB), Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH), Polygon (CRYPTO:MATIC) and You’re here (CRYPTO: TSLA)

Two versions: Classic and Pro

PRDT Finance will offer two versions: Classic and Pro. With the Classic version, your prediction betting timeframes range from 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 24 hours for Bitcoin, and a 3 and 5 minute window for Polygon.

With the Pro version, however, the timeframes will be extended to 30 minutes, allowing you to choose between Crypto, Stocks and Forex assets with a locked multiplier as mentioned earlier. Plus, cash fees are removed entirely, increasing your decision-making window and putting other platform benefits in your favor.

The Pro version will launch exclusively on Polygon to begin with and traders will have the option to choose between Matic and USDT as their betting currency.

Both versions offer different rules and functionality as well as specific modified dashboards.


To start predicting the markets at PRDT Financefirst you need to download Metamask from, and get BNB or Matic depending on the blockchain you use. If you don’t already have a digital wallet, you will need to create one already and finally link your Metamask wallet to PRDT Finance to start taking advantage of forecasts on the evolution of asset prices.

With future version updates, a High Roller Arena where the top 5 users receive a total of $2,000 every two weeks, and a top notch reference systemPRDT Finance offers you many ways to earn and benefit from your knowledge of the market.

PRDT Finance is the first multi-chain prediction platform in DeFi.

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