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After a decade of hiatus, the NCAA football series returns

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As we move closer to Bowl week, things couldn’t be much more exciting for college football fans across the country. For starters, the Army will play Navy today, to determine how many Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy wins behind the Air Force they have left. In case you were wondering, the Air Force is at 20, the Navy at 16, while the Army can go up to ten, if it beats the Navy.

As if America’s Game, Bowl Season and picking a Heisman winner weren’t exciting enough, we just heard that a release date has been announced for EA Sports NCAA Football Game! If you didn’t already know, the classic cult game series came to an end after the 2014 edition, due to image and name likeness issues. If you want a really interesting dive into what happened, listen to the Religion of Sports podcast produced by Ben Baskins earlier this year. Check Out The Lost in Sports “NCAA Video Game” Podcast Here!

The announcement of the return of the NCAA Series has sparked excitement among fans and players across the country. However, when the announcement came out earlier this year, no date was given, just confirmation of a future return of the series. Well, now we have a pretty good idea of ​​when the game will be released, and it looks like the traditional timeline that has historically been in July. Specifically, July 2023.

While no details have been released directly from EA Sports, an unconfirmed copy of the licensing proposals to FBS schools has been circulating. Some of the details outlined in the proposal beyond NIL, result in a four-year agreement.

One thing that can be confirmed, EA’s recognition of the return of the series is a welcome and much anticipated delivery. If, like many, the prospect of waiting until 2023 seems daunting, I encourage you to take a look at the College Football Revamped interpretation of the NCAA Football 14 game HERE. It’s a completely changed and updated way of playing the game with the current rosters, jerseys and even stadiums, but on older gaming platforms.



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