‘The Last One Month’, a turn-based survival battle, launching on Steam



The Last One Month is a Battle Royale game set in a medieval and fantasy universe, featuring a unique blend of Battle Royale, Survival, RPG and Turn-Based Strategy genres, in which players take on the role of one of 50 warriors and fight . to save the kingdom. The goal of the player is to become the dominant force and the chosen hero by any means necessary.

Unlike other battle royale games, The Last One Month combines fast-paced, turn-based strategy combat in one survival game. Players can roam the realm to find treasures, recruit allies and NPCs, form alliances with other warriors, gain experience in battles against those who stand in their way, and all that. players consider it essential.

To speed up the pace of turn-based combat, players will have almost 5 seconds to determine what action they will take in turn. Under these circumstances, the developer aims to enable a wide range of gamers to enjoy the survival battle royale genre with less stress when players face off on a fierce battlefield.

About L&K

Early Access for the last month is available to any player with a Steam account and can play all content during Early Access.

L&K was part of the first generation as a game development studio when the Korean online game industry was still in its infancy, which created its own successful game brand like Red Stone Online and Mirror War. L&K strives to create new ways of having fun with its own heritage of game development and ongoing challenges.

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  • ‘The Last One Month’, a turn-based survival battle, launching on Steam
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