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Mass Effect Legendary Edition brought together all three games in the series, giving fans the ultimate Mass Effect live. The first and second entries feature some very tough fights, especially the fight against Saren and the suicide mission. However, it is undeniable that Mass Effect 3 is the most difficult entry in the series by a considerable margin.

Indeed, the game offers incredibly difficult fights against a horde of enemies, including reapers and Cerberus agents. Many players will struggle in these battles, but like Commander Shepard themselves, they will always find a way to come out on top.


9 The Battle of Tuchanka

mass effect 3 shroud reaper on tuchanka

Priority: Tuchanka is one of the most exciting and important missions of Mass Effect 3. It features Shepard and his team traveling to Tuchanka to cure the genophage, resulting in Mordin’s death. The mission includes a multitude of enemies and features a final showdown against a Reaper.

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Most enemies are fairly easy to deal with, although the multiple pests are quite powerful. The mission particularly unfolds in the final part when Shepard must activate two hammers to summon Kalros, a giant thresher-mouth capable of taking down the Reaper. The abundance of bullies is particularly problematic, and players should focus on activating hammers rather than trying to kill all enemies.

8 Banshees at Ardat Yakshi Monastery

A Banshee attacks Shepard in Mass Effect 3

Banshees, asari mutated by Reaper technology, are some of the toughest enemies in the game. Shepard first encounters them during the Ardat Yakshi Monastery mission. Shepard finds Samara if she’s still alive, and they battle several banshees throughout the monastery.

The reapers could be Mass Effectare the main villains, but the banshees are their most powerful weapon. The monastery mission has multiple attacks with multiple banshees, and things can get quite intense if Shepard or their companions get too close to the monsters. The last part of the mission, which involves defending a bomb against two banshees and several cannibals, may take players more than a few tries.

seven The Prime Geth

Three Geth Prime in Mass Effect 3.

Priority: Rannoch is one of the most difficult missions of Mass Effect 3. The geth dreadnought was quite difficult, pitting Shepard against a cascade of geth enemies. However, things get worse when the Commander and his crew land on Rannoch to complete the mission.

Three brutal geth primes will ambush the group at one point, attacking mercilessly. These three are ruthless and powerful, and if players don’t see the Geth Spitfire available, they’ll have a really hard time keeping up with the prime geth. Players may struggle even with the Spitfire as the weapon takes a while to load, and geth primes are great at stunning with their variety of attacks.

6 The Grim Reaper at Rannoch

grim reaper on rannoch firing laser mass effect 3

And speaking of Priority: Rannoch, the last part of the mission will put Shepard face to face with a Reaper. Using a laser, Shepard will need to attack the Reaper three times, working alongside Normandy and the quarian fleet for maximum damage.

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The Reaper will launch its own deadly laser, which means Shepard will have to aim while avoiding the machine’s attack. Things can get pretty intense after Shepard’s first successful attack, as the Reaper’s laser will cover more ground and move faster. Players need to time their strikes and make maximum use of the limited deck if they want to come out of the encounter in one piece.

5 Kai Leng, rounds 1 and 2

The Illusive Man is the game’s main human antagonist, but Kai Leng is probably the enemy fans hate the most. He’s responsible for the death of Thane and potentially Miranda, and he has a smug attitude that makes him the main contender for the show’s most hated character.

Shepard fights Kai Leng twice in-game, once during Priority: Thessia and one last time during the assault on Cerberus’ base. The first encounter is particularly tricky as Kai Leng will always win, dealing a considerable blow to player morale. The second fight is to the death, and Leng has a few tricks up his sleeve. His incredibly tough shield can be a pain to wear, but his final battle is somewhat underwhelming, making him a great video game villain with an underwhelming boss battle.

4 Marauder’s Shields

A Marauder in Mass Effect.

Marauder Shields is the fan term for Marauder Shepard’s latest kills while heading for the Reaper beam that takes them to the Citadel.

The Marauder is surprisingly hard to beat as Shepard is badly injured at the time and only has a basic weapon to defend himself with. If Shepard isn’t fast enough, Marauder Shields will kill them with no problem. Disappointed with the film’s original ending, many fans joked that Marauder wanted to save Shepard from the trilogy’s disappointing conclusion.

3 The Shepard Clone

Shepard tries to help the clone in Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Citadel is one of the best DLCs of the 2010s. Intentionally hilarious and full of easter eggs and meta commentary, Citadel has Shepard fight a clone of themselves created by Cerberus. The best part of the DLC comes after completing the mission, but fighting the clone and his mercenaries is surprisingly difficult.

The final battle aboard the Normandy is particularly difficult. The clone has a heinous amount of shields and a large army of mercenaries. Things get more difficult when the ship’s doors open and the ship loses stability, making the battle more hectic. Players should focus on taking down the clone and leaving Brooks and the mercenaries to their companions. The battle will be tough, but the reward at the end is more than worth it.

2 Grissom Academy

A Cerberus engineer installing a weapon in Mass Efect 3.

Surprisingly, one of the toughest battles in Mass Effect 3 comes early in the game. Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation involves Shepard going to the titular school to rescue the students. The Commander reunites with Jack at the Academy, fighting his way through a swarm of Cerberus agents.

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The battle at the atrium is particularly intense. Multiple Cerberus enemies will come from all sides of the room, forcing players to watch their perimeter or risk being killed by a stray bullet passing through their blind spot. The battle has two stages, so players must stay close to the shield generators and distribute their Medi-gels smartly, otherwise they may die before the battle even begins.

1 The final fight

Reaper ground forces deployed in London.

Priority: Land is the game’s final mission, leading to the most important decision players make in Mass Effect. However, before Shepard can reach the Catalyst, they must fight their way through No Man’s Land, facing a seemingly endless cascade of enemies.

The hardest part comes when Shepard has to defend the Thanix missiles needed to take down the Reaper. A parade of enemies will attack Shepard, including thugs, banshees, cannibals, marauders, and pods. Things get worse when the Reaper starts firing its deadly laser, adding another dangerous element to the already savage battle. It gets extremely fast and most players will need several tries before they can win the battle.

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