The Boys vs Seven Battle Royale settled the 3 strongest Supes


Spoilers for The Boys comic and TV series below

In a mock battle between The boys and The Seven, three of the most powerful Supes were revealed as survivors – and of course, Homelander was one of them. In The boys comic book series, Vought-American ran a simulation to determine who would win in a fight between their rivals Supes and Compound-V, The boys. The results were a victory for The Seven, with three heroes among the survivors of the potential epic battle.

The Seven are the strongest super-team in The boys the comic and television universe, as core members, including Homelander, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, Starlight, and The Deep among the most recognizable and, in some cases, powerful Supes in existence. While Homelander, Maeve and Noir are among the big three in the group, the trio’s true powers were shown during a simulation by Vought-American to determine who would win in a fight between the super-team and The boys.


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In The boys #51 by Garth Ennis, Russ Braun, Simon Bowland, Tony Avina and Darick Robertson of Dynamite Comics, Vought-American runs a simulation determining who would win a fight between Homelander and The Seven vs. The boys. While the company already knows The Seven would wipe the floor with The boys based on pure power and strength, results are determined taking into account strength, intelligence and ingenuity in what is described as an “exhaustive simulation”. With an accuracy of 82%, the simulation shows that the Seven would win The boys.

The boys’ the entire team gets X marked on their faces, as even Billy Butcher and The Female die in the simulation. However, for The Seven, Homelander and Black Noir would survive, while the calculations remain uncertain as to whether Queen Maeve would join the strongest members of the team. Funny enough, only two Supes survived until the end of the series, as Starlight and The Deep come to the end, while Hughie is the last man standing among The boys. Thus, while showing who would win in a fight between the two groups, the calculations did not accurately predict the survivors of the series.

In the end, readers never got to see a final battle between the entire List of Seven and The boys, as the members were chosen before the epic fight could take place. However, thanks to the simulation, readers know with 84% certainty that the Supes of the Seven would win. Maybe, The boys television series will show what the comic didn’t and give each group, led by Country and Billy Butcher, one last fight against each other. That would be an epic way to end The boys.

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