The 5 best games of the Celtics-Kings game


From a pair of Jayson Tatum plays to Maurice Harkless’ block, Jaylen Brown’s penny and Aaron Nesmith’s ankle breaker, here are the top five plays of Tuesday’s game between the Celtics and Kings.

Jayson Tatum plays with Kings Defense

Jayson Tatum played with the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday. In the piece above, the All-Star wing spins around Tyrese Haliburton, rolls Terence Davis back, then effortlessly has him open his hips, giving Tatum plenty of time and space to achieve a clean look at- beyond the arc.

Tatum finished with 36 points, six assists, four rebounds and a plus-minus rating of +36.

Maurice Harkless denies Al Horford at Rim

Jaylen Brown comes off an Al Horford screen, and it looks like the latter will easily get two points on the field goal; after all, the Kings defense provided no resistance throughout the game.

But in this case, Maurice Harkless spins, and with Horford not posing much of a vertical threat, Harkless sends the big veteran’s shot in the opposite direction.

Jaylen Brown hits Robert Williams in Stride on Full-Court Dime

Al Horford tips the rebound twice, Jaylen Brown catches it and after a dribble he hits Robert Williams in stride on a full court rebound pass.

Although Williams didn’t finish with one of his signature jams, he turned out very well, grabbing a new career-high 17 rebounds. The Timelord also had 13 points on 6/8 shooting, four assists, three steals, two blocks and a plus-minus rating of +42.

Jayson Tatum finds Josh Richardson to beat the halftime buzzer

Richaun Holmes waives Jayson Tatum’s double team, and while you wouldn’t think that’s the case with what’s happening in the half court, the Kings aren’t in a position to cover Holmes as he pulls back to Robert Williams on board.

Tatum takes advantage, throwing a pass just past the left side of the half-court line to Josh Richardson in the right corner for a three that beats the halftime buzzer and gives the Celtics a 63-20 lead going into the game. pause.

Aaron Nesmith’s ankle breaker sends Louis King to the ground

By sliding up the wing, Aaron Nesmith not only creates a friendlier outlet for Josh Richardson, but Louis King expects him to be where he last looked before focusing a bit too long on the ball.

As a result, King is off balance when he shuts down, and Nesmith quickly knocks him around several times, sending King to the ground. To make matters worse for the third-year forward, he tries to hold on to Nesmith as he goes down, hoping it will at least end the game, but the contact doesn’t phase the second-year wing of the Celtics, and he puts the ball on the glass. He also made the ensuing free throw to end the game on three points.


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