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Where would we be without YouTube? In 2019, religiously watching YouTube videos from popular vloggers is just as important a form of entertainment as religiously watching TV shows. There are lifestyle vlogs, makeup tutorials, conspiracy documentaries (looking at you, Shane Dawson), and, of course, game videos.

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Gamers have become increasingly popular in the YouTube arena over the past decade, especially with the introduction of the streaming service. Tic in 2011. Some YouTube players, such as PewDiePie, are part of a list of YouTubers with the highest number of subscribers. Here are 10 of the most popular and subscribed players who joined YouTube this decade.

TheWillyrex (16.3 million subscribers)


TheWillyrex, created in 2011, is actually the second YouTube channel of Spanish player Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez. Guillermo created his original channel, Willyrex, in 2009 and has since dedicated it to Fortnite videos. On TheWillyrex, he mainly shares Minecraft, Karmaland, and Golf playthroughs. Additionally, he shared videos of VR games and console reviews.

As of December 2019, TheWillyrex had over 5.8 billion total views and 16.3 million subscribers. He earns up to $ 14,140 a day in advertising revenue, according to TrackAnalytics. Guillermo has been sharing videos on his channels daily since 2010.

PopularMMO (16.9 million subscribers)


PopularMMOs, real name Patrick Brown, joined YouTube in 2012 to share a variety of Minecraft videos, including Mob Battles and Arena Battles, Modified Games, Modified Showcases, and more. He’s based in Jacksonville, Florida, and often collaborates with his ex-wife’s channel, GamingWithJen.

PopularMMOs currently has over 13 billion total views and 16.9 million subscribers. It is worth around $ 7 million this year. Together, Patrick and Jen have created several popular characters that appear in different series on their channels, including the “Hide & Seek Challenge”, “World of Warcraft” and “The Crafting Dead”.

AuthenticGames (18.1 million subscribers)


Brazilian player Marco Túlio joined YouTube in 2011 as AuthenticGames (also known as Authentic) when he was just 15 years old. Marco is more of a general player and aims to keep his channel friendly to kids and their parents. Its most popular downloads include Minecraft videos, Roblox videos and vlogs on his daily life.

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AuthenticGames currently has over 7 billion views and 18.1 million subscribers. He would earn up to $ 15,000 a day in advertising revenue. In 2016, Marco wrote an autobiography on his channel, titled AuthenticGames: live an authentic life, and he plans to release comics in the future.

Ninja (22.3 million subscribers)

Tyler Blevins joined YouTube in 2011 as “Ninja. “He is a professional player and notably plays Fornite Battle Royale. Ninja started his career by participating in Halo 3 with multiple esports teams, and he quickly rose to fame after winning multiple tournaments. Much of the Ninja chain is dedicated to Fortnite, but it also plays a variety of other games including Call of Duty and Halo.

Ninja has over 2 billion total views and over 22.3 million subscribers. In 2018, it was reported that Ninja made $ 10 million that year. Earlier this year, he left his Twitch channel to start streaming on Mixer, but he owned the most subscribed Twitch channel.

DanTDM (22.3 million subscribers)


Daniel Robert Middleton from Great Britain created his channel, formerly known as The Diamond Minecraft, in 2012. As you can guess, he mainly shared Minecraft videos at first, but has since covered several games including Pokemon Sword and shield, Super Mario Odyssey, hello neighbor, among the sleep, and more.

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DanTDM has one of the highest number of views on YouTube, with over 15 billion views. He has 22.3 million subscribers as of December 2019. In 2017, Dan was the highest paid YouTuber in the world, by Business intern. He has a few Kids’ Choice Awards and Guinness World Records to his credit.

Markiplier (24.7 million subscribers)

Markiplier is worth around $ 24 million, according to

via Geek Girl Authority

Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Edward Fischbach, joined the YouTube gaming industry in 2012. His channel is one of the most diverse, including not only game videos, but also comedy sketches, animations, parodies, etc. Markiplier often downloads Let’s Play videos of survival horror games, including Five nights at Freddy’s.

To date, Markiplier has more than 12 billion views on its channel and 24.7 million subscribers. He is considered one of the greatest personalities in the gaming industry and has been recognized for his charitable work, which has raised over $ 3 million. Forbes named Markiplier the most influential player from 2017.

VanossGaming (24.8 million subscribers)


Evan Fong joined YouTube from Canada in 2011 with a username inspired by his father’s PlayStation alias (vanoss62). He covers a variety of games and most of his videos feature compilations of moments during gaming sessions with friends. In the past, Vanoss and his friends have been recorded playing popular games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: World at war.

VanossGaming has racked up over 11 billion views and 24.8 million subscribers since its inception. In 2015, the channel was among the top 25 most subscribed on YouTube.

Rezendeevil (25.7 million subscribers)

Pedro Afonso Rezende is another young YouTube star who joined at just 16 in 2012. His channel, Rezendeevil, hosts daily vlogs and skits. However, he is also known to record playthroughs from games like Minecraft and resident Evil (notice the game on resident Evil in their username). When he first launched his channel, he uploaded three videos a day to Minecraft.

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Rezendeevil is currently the sixth most subscribed channel in Brazil, Pedro’s home country. The channel has over 9 million views and 25.7 million subscribers. Rezendeevil won Pedro the Nickelodeon Brazil Kids’ Choice Award for Gaming in 2016.

Fernanfloo (34.5 million subscribers)


Fernanfloo, real name Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, from Salvador, joined YouTube in 2011. His channel consists of vlogs, comedy sketches, and game playthroughs including Fortnite, resident Evil, and more. Unfortunately, Fernanfloo has been inactive on YouTube since April 2018. His last video was about a Resident Evil 2 remake.

Yet despite his departure from YouTube, Fernanfloo has 34.5 million subscribers and over 7 billion views. He has since switched to Twitch to stream his game videos. Additionally, it has an Apple gaming app under the same name.

PewDiePie (102 million subscribers)

Even those who have never bought a game controller in their life have probably heard of the legendary Swedish YouTube star known as PewDiePie. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg started the channel in 2010 and has started downloading Let’s Play videos of horror and action games. Since then, he has expanded his videos to include vlogs, comedy skits, music videos, and shows.

PewDiePie has held the title of Most Subscribed YouTube Channel for over five years, with over 102 million subscribers and over 24 billion views. Now, 10 years after the channel’s initial release, PewDiePie has announced that he will be taking a hiatus from YouTube in 2020 because he is “tired.”

It’s unclear when, if at all, he plans to return to the platform.

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