The 10 best video game franchises on Xbox Game Pass


To say Game Pass was a success for Xbox would be an understatement. Each of their screenings this month have heavily showcased the service, and for good reason. In January 2022, the service had over 25 million subscribers, which is a huge success for Microsoft.

The sheer volume and variety of franchises on Xbox Game Pass means that only the most experienced gamers will find something they haven’t played before. From games previously thought to be exclusive to other platforms to long-running Xbox classics, these franchises are sure to be exciting for gamers.


ten Character

Key art for Atlus announcement for P5R, P4G and P3P ports.

The legendary Character games are finally emerging from the hallowed halls of PlayStation exclusivity. Xbox (and PC) gamers can now enjoy one of the best JRPGs ever made. This is a huge advantage for Microsoft, as much as Final Fantasy Where Unexplored, Character was considered one of the least likely to be worn elsewhere.

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Of course, the franchise had dipped its toes into other platforms before. Sakurai specifically asked Atlus for permission to include it in Smash Bros Ultimate. The overwhelmingly positive reactions to the inclusion probably helped the porting idea. Character to other more attractive platforms.

9 dragon age

The bloody silhouette of a dragon in the promotional art for Dragon Age: Origins.

The dragon age franchise is a fantasy RPG set in the world of Thedas and is one of Bioware’s most beloved franchises. And now, on Game Pass, players can enjoy the franchise’s three core games. Each game allows the player to take control of different but equally influential characters in the world of Thedas, at different (though not far apart) points in its history.

As is typical of bioware games, they’re all heavy with lore and character choices affecting the world around them. With the announcement of the Dragon Age: Dreadwolfthere’s no better time to start the franchise and immerse yourself in a new world.

8 Halo

Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox Series X 120fps

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Xbox console’s first first-person shooter was one of the first games readily available on the Game Pass service. Every game in the franchise is available to play, and that alone speaks to Xbox’s faith in the new service. A service that has quickly earned this trust on several occasions.

HaloThe influence of on the world of video games is difficult to summarize. Without a doubt, Halo was one of the few highly ranked exclusives that Xbox gamers could bring up in countless forum discussions. Master Chief’s adventures through space set the tone for Xbox for over a decade and continue to do so to this day.

seven Ancient Scrolls

Skyrim Morrowind Elder Scrolls Lore Dragon Break Book

One of the most exciting inclusions of Xbox’s deal with Bethesda was the inclusion of most of the Wool Scrolls games in the Game Pass library. Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrimand The Elder Scrolls Online are available to play on the service. The absence of daggerfall and Arena can be attributed to the fact that they are already free on Steam anyway.

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Even more exciting, all single-player offerings offer extensive mod libraries on Xbox consoles. The modding community on Xbox may not be as big as it is on PC (for obvious reasons), but it’s no less passionate about the franchise. For fans who want to see what it’s all about for this fantastic franchise, Game Pass is a great way to test them out.

6 armament of war

armament of war is appreciated for its sinister and dark setting. Sera is a gray world speckled with the presence of an alien menace known as the Locusts. Many fans even point out the great similarities between the bulky, grizzled soldiers who battle waves of aliens like a Warhammer 40k type of experience.

5 The Hitman Trilogy

Hitman Trilogy announced, will be included with Xbox Game Pass

IO Interactive has certainly proven that its independence is worth it with its Assassination world trilogy. All three modern Hitman the games are now available on Game Pass. An amazing experience for your money, especially with all the continuous game updates.

Hopefully this news will spur the eventual release of the rest of the Hitman library to the Game Pass service. In the meantime, the three modern Hitman games are not to be laughed at. Each game is lovingly designed to test the player’s creativity and emphasizes the fun of sandbox assassination.

4 dead space

Dead Space Prototype

The dead space The franchise has certainly had its ups and downs, but there’s no denying how unique it was in its time. While most horror games of the era struggled to balance action and existential fear, dead space manages to perfectly balance the two in a way that most games still struggle to do to this day.

dead space is set to release a remake in January 2023 next year, and Game Pass subscribers are free to retry and try out the classic action-horror series as all of its games are available on the service (at except for the one on iPhone, a shockingly great horror game in its own right).

3 Loss

Official Doom Eternal Doom Guy Slayer Art

Loss is the first-person shooter that revolutionized not just the genre, but PC gaming as a whole. Although there were other first-person games that came out before Loss (such as those from id Software Wolfenstein 3D), Loss advanced PC gaming to new heights and established several in-game tropes.

Of course, each game in the franchise offered its own unique fun. Destiny (2016) is hailed as a metaphorical major of the stagnant state of linear first-person shooters with its frenetically over-the-top gameplay, updating the mechanics of the first game to modern sensibilities without losing its identity.

2 Mass Effect

Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson and Thane Krios on Mass Effect 2 poster with guns

Arguably Bioware’s biggest franchise, Mass Effect and its sequels were the first example of science fiction storytelling in video games. Well, for the most part. The notoriously polarizing endings of Mass Effect 3 aside, people have fallen in love with the games, and especially its many companions.

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Mass Effect 4 was teased quite a while ago, and with Bioware’s good relationship with Xbox, hopefully the new version will make its way to Game Pass. All that aside, fans can enjoy the vast world of Mass Effect and romance Garrus for the umpteenth time in preparation for its release.

1 Yakuza

Yakuza as a Critical Dragon

The acquisition of the Yakuza the franchise was the 2020 equivalent of the Xbox acquisition Character. Yakuza had been exclusively locked to Sony’s platforms, except for a Wii-U release of the first two games. Although, like most games on the Wii-U, it might as well not have been released since hardly anyone played it.

Microsoft came and took over the franchise for its own consoles, even bringing it to PC. Fans must enjoy Yakuza 0, and both Kiwami games for a year and a half before finally leaving the platform in December 2021. Still, the rest of the franchise (other than dead souls) is playable on Game Pass, which means the partnership will likely continue for new games.

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