Tencent’s new mobile shooter will debut on July 13


Not long ago, Tencent announced that its mobile game “Dark Zone Breakout” will officially launch on July 13. The game’s official account released the game’s CG trailer on July 11.

As a shooting game developed over the past three years, “Dark Zone Breakout” has been tested many times over the past year and has received positive feedback from players so far. Now the official version should finally be released. The game’s reservation volume across all channels exceeded 15 million, with TapTap’s new game reservation list ranking it in second place.

“Dark Zone Breakout” is a first-person shooter that combines elements such as survival, exploration, and confrontation, but adds a complex economic system to the mix.

In the new game, resource control is at the heart. Once the player enters the game, their time, location, health, and gear are all random. After the evacuation, players can transfer the equipment they have collected to the in-game warehouse.

The game involves space management, risk assessment, equipment selection, tactical selection, route formulation and more. It puts a heavy emphasis on hardcore and reality, so it feels very much like a military battlefield simulator.

In order to perfectly reproduce the available guns, “Dark Zone Breakout” provides more than 10 accessories and more than 100 types of gun accessories for different guns, and also provides various accessories with a selection of materials for the same parts.

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Additionally, the new game almost drops RPG elements, including character ability growth, base building, and other elements, so players can enjoy more of the tactical nature of the game rather than having to develop their abilities.


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