Tails of Iron’s latest trailer shows off his brutal fight


Punishing 2D RPG Tails of Iron just received a new trailer at the Future Games Show Powered by AMD, showcasing a suite of gameplay features.

The trailer, which features the voice of Doug Cockle – best known for his work as Geralt in The Witcher 3, hinted at the conflict at the heart of the game, and the video also details several of the ways you’ll be able to switch things up. the odds in your favor.

Tails of Iron puts you in the shoes of Prince Redgi, heir to the throne of the Rat Kingdom. As your grandfather, King Rattus, reaches the end of his reign, the task of protecting the kingdom from Greenwart and his clan of frogs falls on you.

As well as hinting at some exploration mechanics and taking a closer look at the Realm of the Rats itself, the trailer also details brutal fights between the armies of the Rats and the Frog Clan, with executions that do n would not look out of place in a Mortal Kombat game. Of course, Redgi can’t take on the whole clan on her own, so sometimes you’ll be able to fight alongside rodent allies. And if you’re in a rush, you can take advantage of the crafting systems to craft weapons, armor, and revitalizing meals and potions.

Tails of Iron is set to release in a few weeks on September 17th, but you can wish the game through its Steam page at present.

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