Sweet Princess vs Hard Princess: Battle Royale in Vizianagaram



Politics in Vizianagaram are slowly but surely passing into the hands of the next generation. Despite his popularity, image and charisma, Ashok Gajapathiraju might not be fighting for the 2024 elections due to age. It is likely that the staff could pass into the hands of his daughter Aditi. But, will Aditi Gajapati Raju be able to put on her father’s mantle and fight?

In fact, Aditi contested the seat of the Vizianagaram assembly in the 2019 elections and lost by 6,000 votes to the great YSRCP Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swami. In the same constituency, his father Ashok Gajapathi Raju obtained a majority of 27,000 for Lok Sabha. Obviously, there were cross votes and a stunned Aditi went into hibernation after the loss. However, she staged a comeback through local elections and campaigned vigorously for the TDP. Although she endeared herself to party workers, the general complaint against her was that she was too gentle in her dealings with opponents.

In tone and temperament, Aditi is diametrically opposed to Sanchayita Gajapathi Raju, who has been appointed head of the Mansas Trust by the YSRCP. Sanchayita is quite aggressive and is more articulate. Sanchayita did not hesitate to criticize even Ashok Jagapati Raju. Even then, Aditi couldn’t counter her effectively. Many believe she must be aggressive enough to take on her political rivals.

By all accounts, it’s pretty clear that Aditi would challenge the 2024 elections from the Vizianagaram headquarters. This time around, she has to prove herself by winning the election. The indications are that Sanchayita is likely to join the YSRCP and could challenge Aditi. It remains to be seen which offspring of Gajapathi will win.

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