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Seoul, South Korea, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wonder People, the team behind the upcoming Battle Royale title Great people, has opened registrations for its closed beta test. Players who join the Closed Beta will be among the first to see the incredible Orb Island, the twelve playable classes, and everything the game has to offer.

Great people will revolutionize your perception of the battle royale genre. In the game, players step into the shoes of one of twelve Super Soldiers, all with their own unique abilities. Go solo or gather a team and fight your way through enemies to be the last one standing.

The more you play, the stronger your characters become. At the peak of their strength, players will unlock a character’s ultimate ability. Play your cards well and you could turn the tide of the battle in one fell swoop. Don’t have the equipment to do the job? Scavenge and collect materials around the map to craft new weapons and improved equipment.

Things never slow down on Orb Island. Explore the many diverse environments, uncover secrets, flee the snowstorm that threatens to wipe out players if they are not fast enough. But don’t let your guard down because the other teams will all be fighting for their place at the top of the leaderboards.


  • A list of specialized super soldiers: Super popular a diverse roster includes 12 playable classes of super soldiers, each with their own unique characteristics and traits. Each class’s superpower gives you access to a specific set of skills and a unique ultimate skill that will allow you to experience different playstyles and combat situations with each turn.
  • Strategy-driven combat: Mastering one class is one way to gain the upper hand, but knowing the characteristics and skills of other classes can be the difference between winning and losing. Unlike traditional battle royale games, identifying and countering an enemy’s attack and landing a perfectly timed ultimate skill are just a few of the ways players can outsmart their opponents and turn the battle in their favor.
  • Leveling and improvements: Two ways to gain an advantage in the field are to strengthen your class and improve your equipment. You can level up during the turn to boost your skills and unlock the ultimate skill. You can also upgrade your class’s gear and gear to make them stronger and more effective in combat.
  • Exploration and recovery: The race to explore and collect loot is a central part of Great people, but so is the race for resources. With the game’s unique scavenging system, players will also be able to gather materials from the world to upgrade their gear or craft items. With everyone on the hunt for resources, you never know when you’ll come across an enemy!

You want to know more about Great people? Wonder People just released a trailer on their Official site. This video gives players a preview of the next best title in the Battle Royale genre.

To register to be part of Super popular next closed beta test, follow this link:


About Wonder People

Wonder People is a South Korean game developer founded by game enthusiasts and industry veterans Min Hur, a leading figure in the Korean video game industry who founded Neople and developed the hit game Online Dungeon Fighter. Wonder People recently announced their debut Super People title, an FPS battle royale game developed by Oscar Mike Studio.

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