Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin fight won’t leave FF fans behind



The developers of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins have revealed that combat won’t leave fans unfamiliar with action games out.

The developers of Stranger from Heaven Final Fantasy Origin revealed that the game’s combat will not leave behind the old school Final fantasy fans, who are used to turn-based RPGs. The main line Final fantasy The series consisted of turn-based RPGs until the PS2 era, where it began to experiment with different styles of play.

The first one Final fantasy game was heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and the original Dragon Quest, both of which featured turn-based combat. The lack of necessary animations for characters in combat allowed the developers to create some great (for the time) character sprites in the series. As time passed and the material on offer improved, it became less of a problem and the Final fantasy the series began to evolve into more action-oriented gameplay.

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Stranger from paradise is an action RPG inspired by games like Dark souls and The devil can cry. As such, the combat might be too intense for people accustomed to the series’ older entries. Square Enix has added options to the game to make it easier for old school fans. Stranger from paradise director Daisuke Inoue said Famitsu (in an interview translated into English for the official Square Enix site) that the game is meant to be a challenge, rather than punishing, in order to make it as accessible as possible.

Inoue clarified that the punishment for death is not as severe as in similar games. This can be seen in the Stranger from paradise demo, where the only death penalty is sent to the last save point. Any labor points the player gains are instantly banked and are not lost upon death. There is also a Casual mode available under the Easy difficulty. Inoue recommends that players increase the difficulty as they get used to its gameplay.

This isn’t the first time Square has offered difficulty options in a Final fantasy Game. FF7 was a turn-based RPG, while FF7 Remake was an action RPG. This game had access to both an easy mode and a classic mode, which automated combat (apart from issuing commands). Stranger from paradise will have a number of difficulty options, in order to satisfy people who are not fans of action games, as well as those looking for a challenge.

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Stranger from Heaven Final Fantasy Origin will be released on PC, PS4. PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.

Source: Square Enix

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