Speedrunner Elden Ring beats the game in 12.5 minutes after fighting a single boss


There’s a new Elden Ring speedrun world record, and it’s been accomplished using a popular feat to skip all but one of the game’s bosses. Speedrunner Mitchriz managed to beat the game in 12 minutes and 32 seconds using the “zip” technique, which allows players to teleport around the map in seconds.

Streamer Distortion2 previously used the zipper to complete a 19-minute run, then last night completed a 14-minute run, setting a new world record. But today Mitchriz took the crown with this incredible run of less than 13 minutes.

As a PC gamer (opens in a new tab) reports, Mitchriz uses zips to skip the entire Limgrave section of the game and head straight for Liurnia, where they use a waypoint to access a late-game area. In previous speedruns they then had to beat a series of bosses before ending the game, but in this round Mitchriz was only able to beat one boss, Maliketh, before skipping the others and moving on to the final area Game.

Mitchriz then positions their character in such a painfully specific way that they are thrown up the steps in front of the game’s final fog door. From there, Mitchriz “mega zips” to the edge of the map instead of through the door , allowing them to skip the final boss and trigger the game’s end.

“Absolutely crazy race,” said Mitchriz. “The zips were clean from start to finish, although it took a few tries to get the ‘mega zip’ at the end. Really happy with this course, a big improvement over previous courses.

As incredible as the feat is, there is no doubt that we will see faster running in the near future, but at some point speedrunners will reach the limit of what is possible in this space. Until then, we can’t wait to see what these folks come up with to break the 10-minute mark.

It’s only a matter of time, after all.

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