Sonic Frontiers Rewrite Mod makes the game about a pizza delivery


Sonic Frontiers appeals to fans, but one notices how its story has faded from previous games. No longer battling the moon exploding or a water monster destroying entire towns, we instead have a (mostly) quiet ride through five different islands, with the story unfolding slowly over the course of the game. But if you miss the wild adventures that Sonic and the gang used to have, then we have the perfect mod for you.

A mod is currently in development on Game Banana, promising to turn Sonic Frontiers into a massive pizza delivery. Many in-game texts including boss names, character logs and even mission objectives will be changed so you can immerse yourself in the deadliest delivery job known to man, with Titans and Cyber Space itself standing between you and the lens.


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“Your Pizza’s Done” is a pretty big undertaking for a single modder, but Game Banana user SonixArtist is up to the task. It’s only 10% complete at the time of writing, but there are already a few screenshots to share of the mod in action.

For starters, the main title screen turns into a huge shitpost. Unsurprisingly, there’s a quote from SpongeBob’s Squid’s Day Off episode, in which Squidward tells SpongeBob he’s gone “running errands”. Sonic will have a lot of errands to distract him from his big pizza delivery, so that fits in nicely. What’s a little weirder to see is the opening script of Bee Movie, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In the following screenshot, we can see that the mini-boss Tower has had its name changed to “Foreskin Shredder”. Granted, I’ve never delivered pizza before, but I don’t think that’s an obstacle most Uber Eats drivers face. At least I hope not.

Cyberspace levels appear to be the deliveries themselves, timing how quickly Sonic can get it to the client. To beat the stages, you’ll need to deliver as fast as you can, collect all the pepperonis, and make sure the pizza doesn’t get burned. I don’t know how the last one will be done, but it gives you something else to focus on while you desperately try to complete all the tasks in those levels.

Since even in-game items have changed names, it’s possible the mod will change all the text in Sonic Frontiers. In that sense, it’s quite reminiscent of those live-action Sonic redubs, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for this mod.

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