Skull and Bones’ lack of ground combat could make it or break it


The long-awaited title Skull and bones is getting closer to its release, and more relevant details regarding the game are finally being revealed to fans. While many fundamental aspects of the title’s gameplay are now confirmed, there is one element in particular that has stood out as interesting and potentially worrying to many long-term fans.

It was recently revealed that Skull and bones will not have land combat, with all combat in the game focusing entirely on the game’s ranged ship mechanics. Many fans would have expected boarding and land combat to be a big part of the game. Skull and bones experience, and it is therefore extremely important that Ubisoft succeeds in its fight.


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The bases of the skull and bones

Skull and bones is an upcoming open-world action-adventure title, in which players experience a memorable career as a pirate captain. Developed and published by Ubisoft, Skull and bones was originally announced in 2017 as an expansion for the well-received Assassin’s Creed Black Flagthough it has gone through many changes since that initial reveal.

Five years after its initial announcement, Skull and bones is finally set for a concrete November 8 release date, settling on a less story-bound narrative that focuses on personal character progression. Skull and bones will see players start at the bottom of the pirate ladder, eventually working their way up to a revered pirate captain, in charge of a fleet of various ships.

With so many details surrounding the game being revealed so quickly, many can easily be accidentally overlooked. However, recent confirmation that Skull and bones will have no ground combat or boarding is a detail that naturally received a great deal of attention.

Why Skull and Bones Lack of Ground Combat Matters

Land combat is a feature that should actively appear in a pirate-based game, and so it’s clear to see why. Skull and Bones’ his absence is so publicized. We can say that the popular title sea ​​of ​​thieves is Skull and bones‘ direct contemporary competitor, and although the former is more cartoonishly stylized, it has an emphasis on ground combat which will set it apart from the gameplay offered by the latter.

Furthermore, sea ​​of ​​thieves also has organic boarding and raiding as a core gameplay mechanic, another element that seems to be missing from Skull and bones. Considering how similar the two titles are, Ubisoft must therefore pay considerable attention to the good combat of its ship.

Due to the lack of boarding and ground combat, Skull and bones has no choice but to stage an extremely dynamic, engaging and refined ship-to-ship ranged naval combat level. Fortunately, with the focus on the player becoming a pirate captain, it’s clear that Skull and bones organizes the player experience around what are hopefully refined navigation and tactical mechanics, fleet utilization strategy, and well-timed ranged combat. If this is not present, then the main gameplay of the title will undoubtedly suffer without the variety of ground combat.

Skull and bones is set to have a massive game world, only reinforcing the need to focus on the polished navigation and combat it fosters. Hopefully Ubisoft is well aware of how the title’s gameplay can become limited with the omission of ground combat, and will therefore seek to expand the game’s core identity and conflict via the more strategic and nuanced world of the game. naval warfare.

Skull and bones releases November 8 on PC, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X/S.

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