Shroud wants Apex Legends to drop the battle pass to unlock them


Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek asked Respawn to consider taking Apex Legends The battle comes out of its battle royale, claiming that the “built-in pressure” it puts on players is too much and shouldn’t be in the game.

Mountain peak has had over a dozen Battle Passes since its release in early 2019, following the blueprint first laid out by its rival fortnite at its peak.

While many love the skins, weapons, and charms that Outland Battle Passes have brought to the Respawn title over the years, there are others who think it adds an unhealthy aspect to the game⁠, including Twitch’s human aimbot, Shroud, who called for the Mountain peak developers to rethink their model.

“The Apex Legends Battle Pass Meta is so bad,” he said.

“I don’t like it anymore…I’m done with it.” I moved on! I want to go back to when I was just grinding and playing the game. You play and you see your chips go up. Then you buy what you want [from those in-game tokens]. It’s just easy.

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The biggest problem, Shroud explained in his February 20 video, is that the battle takes place in Mountain peakas well as rivals like fortnite and war zone, puts “a lot of pressure” on gamers who would typically enjoy titles more casually. By putting a timer on exclusive cosmetics, the developers ensure that players log in every day. Dailies, weeklies, and various in-game challenges also add to this.

“I don’t like to follow the battle pass. It’s a big problem because [battle passes] rush you to play. [You shouldn’t] being pressured to play any game.

Mountain peak battle passes are released alongside each new season and last an average of three months at a time. They each have two tracks. All players can collect rewards from the free tracks, while the premium pass – where the finest cosmetics and collectibles are – costs around $8.99 to access.

The final pass was revealed in the battle royale‘s twelfth season, “Defiance.” The new cosmetics collection included a dieselpunk-inspired reactive skin for the Hemlok as well as several nods to Apex third anniversary via article design.

Popular legend Loba also got her first Battle Pass Legendary skin when the new season released on February 8. His “Breaking The Law” skin appears at level 50 in the battle pass.


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