Showdown’s fast-paced single-player game is the best Battle Royale


Quickplay isn’t the main game mode in Hunt: Showdown, but it does have a compelling emergent gameplay loop nonetheless that gives it more nuance than other BRs.

The battle royale genre has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years, but Hunting: Confrontation quietly offered a candidate for the first place. Bounty Hunt game mode is the reason most gamers check out Hunting: Confrontation, but the fast paced single-player game is a compelling and dynamic take on the battle royale formula. It has the advantage of offering plenty of incentives to players, while also bringing a very unique BR experience to the table.

Compared to the more popular battle royale games, Hunting: Confrontation‘s Quickplay is tiny with its 12 players maximum per game. The sequence of events is not too far removed from Bounty Hunt – players are looking for compounds for Rifts (the Quickplay version of Bounty Hunt’s Clues), each reducing the number of locations where another can be found. Unlike Bounty Hunt, however, Quickplay doesn’t allow players to pre-load, instead being equipped with a melee tool, med kit, and random starting weapon. All kinds of weapons, consumables, and tools can be found on the map when researching Rifts. Being the first player to close four rifts opens the source, which reveals that player’s location for everyone to see, much like when one of the Hunting: ConfrontationThe four bosses of Bounty Hunt are banned.


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The player who opens the Wellspring must then defend himself until the end of the allotted time, all the other players whom they kill speeding up the process. Killing the player controlling the Wellspring transfers them to the killer, essentially making them a BR with a King of the Hill ending. Only the last Wellspring holder leaves the Quickplay match alive, where that Hunter can then be recruited by the victorious player for Bounty Hunt. There is no entry fee for Quickplay, so the game mode is risk-free, but a very good reward for the winner: a slightly leveled Hunter who can be fully equipped if enough items have been loaded. looted during the game. That alone is a great incentive to play Quickplay, but the game mode itself features an emerging gameplay loop unmatched in Battles Royales.

Hunt: Showdown’s fast-paced game has more nuance than other BRs

Quick reading in Hunting: Confrontation has the same basic objectives as other battle royale titles – to loot, survive, and kill other players – but has a lot more to offer. The ulterior motive of wanting to keep the hunter alive for recruiting in Bounty Hunt adds another layer of gameplay besides just wanting to win. This makes avoiding combat to the point of trying to snatch the Wellspring at the very last second a viable strategy, but the reverse is also often effective. dodge HuntThe usual calm, methodical style of play of a Find Four Rifts blitz can position the Wellspring Activator in a defensible position, but maneuvering quickly through a few compounds is almost sure to grab attention. Additionally, taking the time to search a compound can lead to some pretty good loot, especially during events like the recent Hunting: Confrontation Winter Solstice, where Quickplay is an easy way to acquire event points.

The most important gameplay element that helps Hunt Quickplay sets itself apart from other BRs, however, this is the central importance of the Rifts. Each of the 16 compounds contains at least one rift, which naturally attracts players to each other for reasons other than loot. Once a fight begins – which can be heard from a great distance – other players must decide between engaging and potentially eliminating rivals, or continuing towards the main objective of activating the Wellspring. Quickplay works like other Battles Royales, ultimately drawing each player to the same spot, but without an ever-narrower ring to force them artificially. The rift hunt and eventual opening of the Wellspring creates an incredibly organic gameplay loop, where player agency is a primary factor in determining the course of events, the next best thing to a more procedural generation in Battles Royals. There may not be 100 parachuted players on the map, but Hunting: ConfrontationQuickplay’s sets itself apart from other battle royale games because of its incredibly unique and compelling gameplay.

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