SHATTERPOINT will let you create dream teams — GeekTyrant


Shatterpoint will feature “beautifully sculpted and dynamic miniatures” of star wars characters. You can then create teams from your favorite moments in star wars story or create your own unique teams that would otherwise be impossible. Maybe someone wants to pair Jar Jar Binks with Grogu and Thrawn for the memes. I don’t know if any of these characters would be available, but if they are, it might be possible to create this team. Speaking of gaming, go shit from Atomic Mass Games said:

The design and development of the Star Wars: Shatterpoint Miniatures Game is truly our love letter to the excitement and energy of being a kid on Saturday mornings. We wanted to take all the great things about Star Wars – action, adventure, and iconic characters – to create a Star Wars miniatures play experience that felt like it came straight from animated lineups. 80s and 90s. . To say it was a dream come true to work with such a talented group of artists, sculptors and our amazing team at Lucasfilm to create new versions of the iconic Star Wars cast in this style would be a complete understatement.

I’m really interested in knowing more about Breaking point. Miniature games like this have always appealed to me, but the prices have always kept me away. Maybe it could be something more accessible? Probably not. Are you delighted with the release of Breaking point in June 2023? What teams will you form?


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