Sci-Fi Cat Game Stray Reveals Gameplay, Fighting Sequences


During the Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2021, BlueTwelve Studio showcased gameplay footage from their highly anticipated cat game, Stray.

Today’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2021 stream featured gameplay footage from a sci-fi cat game Wander, a title currently in development by developer BlueTwelve Studio. The developer and publisher initially unveiled the interesting project over a year ago during Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal showcase.

A puzzle simulation game, Wander takes place in a highly detailed urban center, a forgotten city where players assume the role of a cat. Third-person adventure obviously has more than a few charms, but there’s also a rotting darkness beneath its belly, due to the decaying nature of cybercity. For a long time, BlueTwelve Studio remained silent, leaving the curious The Lost development to wonder if it would still see the light of day. However, potential fans no longer need to ask the question.

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The Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2021 featured a good deal of Wander gameplay, guiding players through what the feline protagonist will face in the adventure. As explained by the developer who recounts the video of more than four minutes, the titular stray cat will find himself lost in a cybercity, injured and separated from his family and friends. Puzzles litter the “hostile“, all designed with the cat’s perspective in mind. Needless to say, gamers are in for a very unique treat when Wander arrives on PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms in early 2022.

Halfway through the adventure, the cat will meet a character named B-12, a drone that offers assistance in solving puzzles and helps the furry creature communicate with the inhabitants of the strange town. As noted in the gameplay video above, this otherwise unlikely union will play a big role in how players learn more about The Lost intriguing setting.

Wander is the first game from BlueTwelve Studio, the France-based group founded in 2016 specifically for the development of this particular project. The studio’s founders, Koola and Viv, took inspiration from their own cats while conceptualizing the inventive game shouldn’t come as a surprise.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear when and where BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive might present the thrilling puzzle title. But, at the very least, The Lost The early 2022 release window suggests that the wait for more will not last very long.

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Wander arrives on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on an unspecified date in early 2022.

Source: Annapurna Interactive via PlayStation / YouTube

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