Rolling Heights board game is coming to Kickstarter


A brand new tabletop board game is coming soon to Kickstarter. The game is called Rolling heights, and it is a meeple city builder where players will generate resources and push their luck to construct buildings.

According to an official press release, Rolling heights is created by board game designer John D. Clair. Clair’s credit includes card-making fantasy games, mystical valley, and The Dark Ages. Additionally, the game will feature artwork by Kwanchai Moriya, an illustrator with extensive experience in board game graphic design. The game will have two to six players drawing cards containing general objectives for the game. From there, they will select blueprints for the buildings they wish to create, then take turns throwing their meeples to generate resources. The goal is to land their little person-like figures on their feet, or at the very least off their backs, in order to generate resources. If players manage to construct buildings that meet these criteria, they will earn victory points. Whoever has the most at the end wins.

We still had a few questions about the design of Rolling heights, so we contacted the publisher AEG. Fortunately, a Luke Peterschmidt was happy to share more information.

First, what sets Rolling Heights apart from its peers is that all of this construction takes place on the same city map. This leads to additional logistical situations like determining the best location for a building that doesn’t interfere with your other objectives. Second, the game is much faster than one would suspect. This is done in part by having you cast your meeples to generate resources on another player’s turn, then you spend the resources you’ve created when it’s your turn. Additionally, there are several other meeples to follow like glassmakers and officials, which can lead to more interesting interactions.

Work with what you have I guess. Image Credit: AEG/@moregamespls

As for the overall feel of the game, Peterschmidt also had a few comments to say. “It might sound strange, but the game is really satisfying to play, even when you’re losing. The board looks just great when you’re done – like an aerial view of a real city! Even when I’m losing, I have this strange feeling of accomplishment to have contributed to the construction of the city.” On the other end of that kind of wonder, Peterschmidt went on to mention that the game will include a kaiju-style mini-game once everything is built. One player launches the single giant beast meeple all over town, destroying it, while the others play as the army trying to stop it. It adds a comedic edge to cleaning up, which is usually the most tedious part of playing a board game.

But when it comes to strategy, Peterschmidt pointed out how strategy Rolling heights could get,

“There are several tracks you can focus on in your quest for VP – most focus on which meeples you choose to go for and which blueprints you try to build and where. You can go for the early Politicians (they score VP, but don’t build anything), you can go for lots of small buildings to get more meeples quickly, or you can go for bigger buildings to score more You can focus on purple meeples (each has a unique ability), or you can focus on cube producing meeples, you can also choose to focus on endgame score or be more reactionary and taking whatever the board offers. For a game this easy to teach, there are plenty of strategies to explore.

Rolling heights’ The Kickstarter campaign will go live on February 8. You can be informed of its launch by going here.


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