Robo Cop Rogue City Gets Epic Fight Trailer, Confirms Actor’s Retaliation


RoboCop has a surprisingly long list of licensed video games attached to the franchise. Between the run-and-gun RoboCop from developer Data East in 1988 and free-to-play in 2014 RoboCop shooter, there is a legacy – albeit of dubious quality. RoboCop: Rogue Townannounced in mid-2021, must not only live up to this legacy, but also solve how to connect a new generation to a 1987 action movie. RoboCop: Rogue Town shows how developer Teyon does just that.


The gameplay trailer for RoboCop: Rogue Town unveils the game’s unique first-person shooter action. Players take on the role of RoboCop himself as he tackles crime in a criminal version of Detroit’s future. RoboCop will dive into industrial buildings, backstage drug lairs, dark alleyways, as well as a good chunk of barren corporate offices. Players will also have RoboCopThe toolbox of is available, with its strength and purpose of precision on display.

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Although the obvious influence of the original RoboCop film and its sequel RoboCop 2 can be seen in the trailer, there is a more pointed ad that shows reverence RoboCop: Rogue Town aura for 80s movies. Actor Peter Weller will reprise his role as RoboCop in the new game. Weller was the actor with the robot for both RoboCop and RoboCop 2. He also dabbled in voice work on video games for RoboCoplike with Mortal Kombat 11The Aftermath DLC. But Weller’s role in RoboCop: Rogue Town perhaps the closest he’s gotten to the original films yet.

The latest confirmation made in the gameplay trailer for RoboCop: Rogue Town is that the game is aimed at a curious mix of platforms. Not only will it be released on next-gen platforms, including PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, but it will also launch on Nintendo Switch. RoboCop: Rogue TownThe official release window of is tentatively June 2023.

Expectations are high for RoboCop: Rogue Town. There’s clearly a passion for the original work on display, but developer Teyon has left some potential fans to question the new game. Teyon’s most recent project was Terminator: Resistance, which was quite poorly evaluated. Considering another beloved ’80s action movie franchise, Teyon has a lot to prove.

Overall, the new gameplay trailer for RoboCop: Rogue Town is just a preview of what Teyon will eventually offer. There’s very little extended action, which could mean the gameplay featured is pre-alpha, in-game cutscene, or even a demo. People interested in the new RoboCop the game will just have to be patient to see what the full experience will deliver.

RoboCop: Rogue Town released on PC, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

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