Robo Army, the 1991 beat-em-up action game, launches on mobile thanks to the ACA NeoGeo collection


Once again we have another new addition to the ACA NeoGeo library, courtesy of SNK and Hamster. This time around, the classic ported to mobile is the beat-em-up Robo Army from 1991. This release follows recent additions of games like Fatal Fury and Burning Fight, retro 2D beat-em-ups and combat which developed a cult fan base at the time, and which have now been modernized for their mobile ports.

Robo Army is fairly adjacent to Fatal Fury and involves relatively standard beat-em-up style gameplay. You know the drill, you’ll pick a character from the in-game roster and walk from side to side of the screen while beating the absolute snot out of some goon. It’s simple fun, but fans of the genre always want more, and Robo Army is happy to provide it.

What’s different about this one is the setting. Where Fatal Fury has a very modern setting and Burning Fight rocks that Kung-Fu movie aesthetic, Robo Army instead takes us to the distant future, having you battle an army of mechanical androids bent on ruining your day. Of course, you have your own upgrades and will use your steel fists to ram straight into their thick metal skulls while picking up power-ups. You can even ask a friend to join the brawl if you want, as these ACA NeoGeo ports all support 2 local players as well.

As is the case with those releases, there’s an abundance of more modern features that will make the retro experience a little smoother for those of us who didn’t grow up playing old-school consoles. These include things like save states, controller support, and the ability to bind your buttons however you see fit as well.

So if you’re looking to dip your toes into classic action, you can find Robo Army for just $3.99 on Google Play and the App Store.

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