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For years, the battle royale genre has taken over the gaming world, and PUBG – or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as it is fully known – was one of the main reasons for that. The original game helped spark the battle royale craze and quickly made its way to mobile devices in the form of PUBG Mobile. Now, the sequel to the game, PUBG: New State, is here, to further the tradition of PUBG and bring players new content to sift through.

For fans of the genre, PUBG: New State will be a fun new experience, especially for those who like to play these kinds of games on their phones. For others, the fact that not much has changed when it comes to the way you play may be something stopping this game from rising through the ranks of the best Android games out there.

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Pubg New State Play

PUBG: new state

At the end of the line : PUBG: New State is nothing special in terms of changing the way players on their phones experience Battles Royals. However, for fans of the series, this is a solid entry that builds on PUBG Mobile and offers players new areas and weapons to explore.


  • The game still feels like a solid battle royale
  • Futuristic vehicles / weapons are fun to use

The bad

  • The game is still dealing with several bugs
  • The content is a bit stripped down at launch
  • Things haven’t changed too much

PUBG: New state: What you will like

Pubg New StateSource: Krafton

Category Game nameXXX
Title PUBG: new state
Developer PUBG Studios
Editor Krafton
Kind Shooter, Battle Royale
Game size 1.4 GB
Break 20+ hours
Players Multiplayer
Introductory price To free

Whether you’re playing PUBG, Fortnite, or Apex Legends, battle royale games are mostly the same. The players – usually 100-150 – are dropped off on some island and tasked with coming out on top. In PUBG: New State this remains true, and for fans of the original PUBG and its many iterations, you won’t be lost when diving into this new game. The main thing that has changed, however, is the location, which takes place in 2051 on a map called Troi. Despite the new name and futuristic setting, Troi looks a lot like any other battle royale map and has a variety of empty buildings, wooded areas, and more to explore.

While the map may not look exactly new, the elements are to some extent. On the map are the same types of cars and vehicles found in PUBG Mobile, but with a more futuristic skin applied. Two new vehicles, the Volta and the Vulture, are also present in the game. The Volta is a brand new car, while the Vulture is a two-wheeler that works the same as the bikes in the PC versions of PUBG.

PUBG: New State is essentially the same old battle royale, wrapped in new packaging.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the map, however, is the streetcar system. The streetcars found in PUBG: New State function as mobile shelters, allowing players to hop in and freely travel the map without the risk of injury. Trams are bulletproof and will get you to areas much faster than having to worry about getting there on foot. You’re also able to heal or just take a break while you’re at it, making it a great place to hide if you’re in the middle of a big fight.

New weapons were also included in PUBG: New State, and while they were mostly the same in terms of rate of fire, ammo, and style, it was nice to play with something other than the typical weapons. that existed. in PUBG. However, it would be nice to even see new weapons make their way into the game, especially with New State currently having a very solid meta that revolves around SMGs.

When it comes to the mobile side of things, PUBG: New State is a surprisingly beautiful game. The textures seem to be a bit sharper and the surrounding landscapes of the map look nicer, but nothing incredibly different from the previous game. Models (humans and others) are also a bit sharper, making it easier to spot an enemy from a distance or if you’re in the middle of an area with a lot to look at.

PUBG Mobile was known for the intense power it commanded, and New State is hardly any different. While you can play on a wide variety of Android devices, you will likely benefit from playing on a newer device with better components. Fortunately, I didn’t notice any major issues with the game crashing or inability to process the game.

When it comes to controls, PUBG: New State feels pretty much the same as it does with PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately for fans who were hoping for something like controller support or an entirely different layout, you’re out of luck right now. Much like its predecessor, PUBG: New State appears to not support any external controller options.

While there could be good reasons for this – Krafton didn’t want players to have competitive advantages over others in the past – it’s still a major disappointment. Games like these are best played on controllers, or with a mouse and keyboard for those on PC. Limiting the gameplay to a single touchscreen not only hampers the enjoyment of the game, but could also prevent a large number of people from playing in general.

PUBG: New state: What is not so great

Pubg New State Grenade LauncherSource: Krafton

As noted above, support for non-controllers in PUBG: New State is a major disappointment, and something that goes way beyond a simple misstep from those behind the game. Elsewhere in-game, however, there were still a handful of bugs, including several times where the on-screen UI buttons simply became unresponsive to touch. This spread to the main game menu, where a few times the buttons didn’t do anything when I pressed them. While this was fixed with a simple restart, the fact that it happened so frequently was a bit frustrating.

Fans can step into the game expecting more than they get.

The other bugs I encountered seemed to be more server issues than anything else, including matchmaking taking a while to immerse myself in a game, stuttering during gameplay, and other gameplay related issues. Fortunately, most of them seem fixable, and something Krafton can fix with a few updates.

However, one of the biggest glitches in the game is something that can’t be fixed, and that’s the fact that other than a new map the game hasn’t really changed much.

For someone like me who is a fan of both the shooter genre and battle royales as a whole, I don’t really have a problem with PUBG: New State just delivered a new map and let me play it. . However, PUBG: New State was touted as a sequel to PUBG Mobile, and not just a slight upgrade. Therefore, fans can enter the game expecting more than they get. While some things – new weapon skins, vehicles, and real new content – have been added, at the end of the day PUBG: New State looks more like the same on a new map. If you’re a fan that’s great, but if you were hoping for something more then you’re out of luck.

PUBG: New state: Should we play it?

Pubg New StateSource: Krafton

out of 5

When it comes to battle royale games on mobile, it’s hard to blame PUBG: New State. The brand is by far one of the most popular in the mobile gaming world, and will no doubt be fun for those looking to dive into the genre on their phones. That being said, PUBG: New State doesn’t really do much to reach new heights with this release, and instead, it just wraps the pre-existing elements in new skins while letting players down on a new map.

The new Troi map is a fun place to explore, and some things like the new Tram system change gameplay, but overall PUBG: New State is essentially the same old battle royale, wrapped in new packaging. For those who like it, then New State is a must have game for you.

PUBG: New State is available on Android and iOS.

Pubg New State Play

PUBG: new state

At the end of the line : PUBG: New State has a few changes that are worth playing for fans of the series and mobile shooters as a whole, but not enough to elevate it to the rank of the biggest among other mobile games on the market. For those looking for the definitive battle royale experience on your phone, this could be the case.

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