PUBG Mobile brings The Boys to battle royale with Supe Spree event


“Sometimes it’s hard to be superior to all the other people on the planet.”

Fans would have recognized without seeing the photo above or the title I’m talking about The Boys. And now, this group of superheroes has made their way to PUBG Mobile. This extrinsic group of Emmy-nominated super-powered beings arrives in the battle royale thanks to a collaboration between Krafton and Prime Video, Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Sony Pictures Studios.

Homelander and his group of supers are zooming in on PUBG Mobile to celebrate the launch of the show’s third season, which will be released on June 3. As part of all the festivities, players can expect to get their hands on themed items like iconic character skins like Homelander, Starlight, and Soldier Boy, as well as weapon skins, backpacks, a Supes parachute and much more.

A special event, called Supe Spree, will go live on June 8. It sees The Boys anti-hero Billy Butcher assemble a team to prove that superheroes are the real villains here. Things went really south as murders became commonplace in New York with dismembered bodies of brokers and clients everywhere. No one knows what happened but the police are working with The Boys to find out.

Throughout the event, players will gather evidence to advance the story, ultimately leading to the discovery of the truth. Completing tasks will reward players with Billy Butcher’s Duds. Weekly challenges will also take place, giving everyone a chance to increase their hoard of themed goodies. This won’t be a short-lived collaboration event either, as all content will be available for an entire month, between June 3 and July 3.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on exclusive rewards from the popular TV show, download PUBG Mobile now for free from the App Store and Google Play and take part in The Boys collaboration starting the day after tomorrow.

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