PUBG Mobile Battle Arena Season 4 is back with 100 Juta Rupiah prize pool supported by NFT game, CryptoBlades


Jakarta, Indonesia, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — indonesia the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament returns. After the success of last season’s tournament, here comes the PUBG Mobile Battle Arena (PMBA) season 4, jointly organized by Bountie Hunter and RYN Organize, Iis here from June 18, 2022. PMBA has hosted a total of 3 tournament seasons over the past 2 years. The esports game that will be competing in PMBA is a free-to-play Battle Royale video game developed by TencentPUBG Mobile.

PMBA Season 4 Presented by CryptoBlades

PMBA is back with a new name formerly known as PUBG Mobile Indonesia League (PMIL). This is due to the fact Tencent wants to continue supporting PMBA as a prestigious PUBG Mobile tournament in Indonesia without having to confuse the fans with the officiality of this tournament, in other words, PMBA is not an official tournament of Tencentbut still gets special permission.

This tournament is organized with the aim of bringing players to the next level and to bigger dreams. In keeping with the tradition of the previous season, PMBA players will compete against professional PUBG Mobile players and famous KOL at the event, more importantly, it will be streamed live via YouTube and from PUBG Mobile Battle Arenaattended by famous PUBG Mobile roles and players, and covered by top 10 gaming, mass and crypto media in Indonesia.

“We are grateful to announce that we are hosting the 4th season of PMBA with larger prizes and exposure. We are also honored to have CryptoBlades as our main sponsor, which will contribute to the success of this event. We hope the players will have great experiences as they reach the league title.” Nicholas Leonardo Boentoro as co-founder of PMBA

PMBA Season 4 Schedule and New Features

PMBA Season 4 has been going on since June 18, 2022 till today August 10, 2022PMBA Season 4 Super League started from August 8-17, 2022 who will then move on to the grand finale on September 7-9, 2022.

PMBA Season 4 has invited 20 teams to compete in the Super League, including Geek Fam, GPBR, Flying Horse, BOOM Esports, Six Nine Esports, GPX, TRB Esports, Grimz, Alter Ego Limax, DG Esports, JM Esports, ARF Team, NFT Esports, Dewa United, Icon 4S, Myron Esports, ONIC Esports, Voin Esports, Exog Batosai and NTP Team. Not only that, PMBA Season 4 this time will be hosted by several well-known influencers such as Bangpen, Skyskuy, miminhelmet, Pablo, Mas Anang, Montanaand Matthew.

Although the game that will be competing in PMBA Season 4 is only PUBG Mobile, there will be CryptoBlades quests and mini-event games to liven up the moment. The prizes that will be handed out in PMBA Season 4 are also compelling, with a total of 100 million rupees and a PMBA merchandise box consisting of a tumbler, lanyard, PMBA hoodie, and any other attractive gifts.

PMBA Season 4 takes place and is jointly hosted by Bountie Hunter and RYN Organizer. Bountie Hunter helps gamers find the next gem in gaming and the metaverse to discover and invest in crypto gaming. As a bridge between traditional online games and Web3 games, Bountie Hunter and PMBA are supported by the best-known GameFi NFT and one of Binance’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program winners, CryptoBlades.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do the collaborative project with PMBA and to have the awesome sponsors we work with, one of the Binance Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program winners, CryptoBlades. This will eventually help esports in order to discover more about web3 games supremacy,” said Desmond Tan as

CryptoBlades is an NFT PlayToEarn (P2E) role-playing game built on BNB, Polygon, OKC, Heco, Avalanche, and Aurora smart chains that will act as the exclusive sponsor for PMBA Season 4. In the hope, it can enter the Indonesian esports gaming market. to help web2 gamers discover more and bring public attention to web3 games.

“I am proud to partner with organizations that emphasize and share my interest in giving back to the community. PMBA and Bountie Hunter have a rich history in this area through its prestigious tournament and extensive community development programs. players’ potential,” said Philippe Devine as CEO of CryptoBlades.

All PMBA S4 matches are streamed live on YouTube channel and PUBG Mobile Battle Arena.

For more information on this event, check out our website, Discord, and instagram.

(PRNewsfoto/Bountie Hunter)

(PRNewsfoto/Bountie Hunter)

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