Proposed game-changer for the reconstruction of Boronia station


Knox Town Council welcomes the announcement that, if re-elected, the Government of Victoria will rebuild Boronia Station and the bridge over the South Railway Trench to create new pedestrian and community spaces.

Knox Mayor Cr Susan Laukens said rebuilding the station is central to Council’s plan to breathe new life into the suburbs and one of the key advocacy priorities identified by Council.

“We have long heard that Boronia is old, tired and in need of significant investment to give it new life and improve livability for those who call it home,” said Cr Laukens.

“The train line bisects the center of Boronia and the station looks dark and dangerous even in broad daylight. The decking over the trench will create an inviting public space and encourage more people to walk around and spend time in the center.

“We are delighted with the Victorian Government’s commitment of $60 million to Boronia Station. With this investment, the station area will become the new heart of Boronia and support a strong local economy.

“The improvement of this district has been identified as a key lever in the Council’s plan to renew the central area of ​​Boronia. Plans like these require significant investment, and the Council needs state and federal governments to support us in carrying out these plans for our community.

“I am proud of the Council’s tireless work in advocating with all levels of government and different sides of politics to help us achieve our vision for Boronia.”

Public transport services are well used by residents who travel to Boronia station from a large catchment area, which extends to the foothills.

The center’s current commercial pool is expected to grow from 155,000 to 177,000 people by 2041.

The Australian government has pledged to provide additional parking for commuters and the Victorian government has already allocated around $2.5 million to improve the Boronia centre.


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