Project U Leaked Video Reveals “It’s Not A Battle Royale Game”


Ubisoft is currently working on a new cooperative shooter video game that will eventually launch on PC and other platforms under the codename Project U. Although the game’s creators haven’t made an official announcement, Project U revealed several game-related details that have started making their way online.

Leaked Ubisoft Project U video shows some gameplay moments

The Project U video was leaked by Reddit user just4leaks2 and includes audio and video of the game’s creators chatting in addition to brief gameplay clips. The leaked information suggests that Project U would take a co-op route, not the battle royale route that fans had predicted.

The video is a sort of intro trailer. A few extremely brief gameplay snippets are seen in the leaked Project U video, along with producer Karl Luhe and creative director Damien Kieken giving an overview of the game. They said, “U stands for Unite, as you’ll quickly find out. If you want to assert yourself in the game, you have to team up with others.

Initially, it looks like the game features players battling swarms of robotic opponents, perhaps using a range of weapons and talents from different characters in addition to weapons. Project U features cartoonish visuals, playable heroes, and boss battles and has reportedly been in business for several years.

The developers also said they were trying to overcome the cooperative shooter genre in a different way. After each part of the test session, pop-up prompts will be used to collect feedback from all participants. In addition, an email survey will be conducted to collect responses from all participants.

Regarding the gameplay, several people observed parallels with Project Pathfinder, an old project that Tom Henderson reported previously. However, players should note that the gameplay snippets in the leaked video are taken from the pre-alpha phase of the project and will likely improve over time.


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