Podrick is the most loyal and lovable character in Game of Thrones


There are a lot of characters to hate in Game of Thrones, but there is one character that is hard to hate because of their loyalty.

In a fictional world full of betrayals and hatred, it’s hard to find characters in Game of thrones who are reputed to be as pure as Podrick Payne. Podrick is one of the many characters cast to serve the needs of others, but his highest positivity is what makes him the friendliest and most loyal character on the show.

It is hard to think of some negative qualities of Podrick, better known as Pod by some of his closest allies. Her charming personality attracts even the worst of people, and her elongated smile is just the icing on the cake. And while many characters didn’t get the satisfying character arc that many fans were hoping for, Pod was able to get his own. Starting off as a squire ready to please anyone, Pod’s loyalty eventually paid off as he was knighted by Bran at the end of the series, joining the King’s Knightguard. Her rewarding ending was made possible thanks to some of her best moments in the series.

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Podrick Payne helps Tyrion with his armor in Game of Thrones

Podrick’s eagerness to help others is clearly noted when he is first appointed Squire of Tyrion Lannister. Even though he performed unusual tasks for a squire, like pouring drinks and running errands instead of combat-related tasks, he was never considered unhappy with his job. His relationship with Tyrion made him and Tyrion better people as they both enjoyed each other’s company. Podrick saved Tyrion’s life twice, first in the Battle of Blackwater by killing Ser Mandon who sliced ​​off Tyrion’s face. After Joffrey’s assassination, Podrick is approached by a golden cloak which offers him the title of knight if he testifies against Tyrion, who was suspected of the crime. Podrick refuses, which also makes him a suspect, and Tyrion expresses his gratitude, calling Podrick one of the most loyal squires one could hope for.

Later, Podrick becomes Brienne of Tarth’s squire, who isn’t exactly thrilled that he’s taking care of her. Even though she constantly berates him for not being able to skin a rabbit or ride a horse like a normal squire would, he never lets the critics bring him down. Instead, he always shows a willingness to improve himself and stay by Brienne’s side in his quest to find and protect the Stark sisters. Perhaps Podrick’s most memorable moment during his time with Brienne comes right after Sansa and Arya reunited, and he assures Brienne that Catelyn Stark would be proud of her for keeping her promise.

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Podrick Brienne Game of Thrones

Podrick has also shown his hidden singing talent on several occasions, and there’s even a theory that suggests the reason the brothel ladies refused his payment was because he sang for them. But the only time he sang on screen was the night before the Battle of Winterfell after Brienne was knighted by Jaime Lannister. During one of the darkest periods in the lives of these characters, Podrick was able to shed some light by performing “Jenny of Oldstones”.

Podrick was not only the most loyal character in Game of thrones, but he was also one of the bravest. His bravery in the Battle of Blackwater, the fight against Bolton’s men and the Army of the Dead shows that even his inexperience couldn’t stop him from doing the right thing. He might be a knight in the end, but his time as the most loyal squire that ever existed will never be forgotten.

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