Phantasm director open to video game adaptations: “What better time than now”


Indie director Don Coscarelli is trying to scare a video game adaptation of his cult classic horror/fantasy franchise, Fantasy. Posting on Twitter, Coscarelli claimed there had never been a better time to adapt horror films to a new medium and called on friends of the gaming industry and moviegoers to give the film a boost. ‘idea.

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First released in 1979, the original Fantasy is a surreal cult classic that wowed critics upon its initial release. More movies have come over the years, ending with Fantasy: Ravager in 2016. This film was released after the death of lead star Angus Scrimm, who played longtime series antagonist The Tall Man.

While a new movie is probably out of the question due to Scrimm’s death, an interactive sequel makes sense, and it would follow a trend of horror games hitting mainstream audiences lately. All of the hype surrounding Ghostwire: Toyko for Dead in broad daylightThe menagerie of classic movie killers hints that there’s an audience for horror in games, and a successful adaptation could only help keep these cult classics alive in the public consciousness.

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It remains to be seen if Coscarelli’s call to arms will lead to any developments, especially as the director has encouraged fans to identify studios that might be a good fit for the project. Considering that all of The Warriors at Franz Kafka Metamorphosis saw an interactive rendition, it’s not out of the question that The Tall Man and his army of dwarf zombies will be able to rent new life on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


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