North Korean sentenced to death for smuggling ‘squid game’


Squid game may cause a stir around the world, but having a copy in North Korea can apparently cause you a lot of trouble. In fact, a North Korean was reportedly sentenced to death for allegedly smuggling copies of the hit Netflix series into the country, in violation of a recently passed law on “the elimination of reactionary thought and culture. “.

According to Radio Free Asia, the alleged smuggler “brought a copy of Squid game in North Korea returned from China and sold USB sticks containing the series’ to a group of students. He was also not the only one to be severely punished in this case, a student who allegedly watched the show was sentenced to life in prison, “while six others who watched the show have were sentenced to five years of forced labor “. Even some of the teachers and administrators at the school the students attend “have been fired and face banning for working in remote mines.” Everything to watch a TV show.

The recent South Korean series was created by Hwang Dong-hyuk and quickly became Netflix’s most watched show in history. According to the site, it is still among the 10 most watched shows on the service in 82 countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Egypt. , South Africa, Japan and South Korea. . Radio Free Asia says the show and its story of desperate people playing a life and death game series for huge cash prize “resonates with North Koreans in risky jobs and precarious positions.” Given that the smuggler convicted in this case would be sentenced to death by firing squad, we can kind of see why.

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