NFINITY Launches First-Ever Battle Royale Game Mode in Sandbox and Metaverse


The project is set to release in April 2022 and will begin with the first collection titled The Eternals.

BELGIUM, April 1, 2022 / — The creators of NFINITY are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the first-ever Battle Royale game mode in Sandbox and Metaverse in April 2022.

NFINITY is a company specializing in virtual content, ready-to-wear products and has a registered clothing brand. The company uses NFTs to create a unique “virtual garment” that owners can receive in real life, simply by owning one of its featured NFTs. Each piece created by NFINITY is completely unique, exclusive and comes with luxury packaging.

In the latest from the company, NFINITY aims to connect the real world to the virtual world through its brand new NFT collection, The Eternals, which is purchased, built and played directly in the Sandbox – a metaverse that allows users to buy virtual earth and use it to create their own world. To achieve this, NFINITY collaborated with studio video game creators, Metalabs, a California-based company that helps deliver a fully customizable game where players can be free to do whatever they want. NFINITY designer David Martin has previously worked with Disney and Sony, and is the artist behind the dynamic characters in the 3D 360o NFT collection.

“The video game market is a huge market worth over $300 billion – a figure that is growing every year,” says Diego, one of NFINITY’s co-founders. “By linking video games to the Metaverse, it only intensifies the gaming experience and offers the user incredible sensations. This is where we differ from others – we really want to listen to our community and create a game that reflects it. It’s a way for us to be generous towards those who believe in our project and who follow us from the beginning. This is a project close to my heart and it is important to me to give back to our community.

“Our goal is to offer the best gaming experience to our users,” explains Richard, the second co-founder of the project. “We want to create new sensations through VR and the Metaverse, and we will use the Metaverse to connect the virtual and real worlds – whether in fashion or in the world of video games.

The story of The Eternals is one of intrigue, excitement and vivid imagery. In the year 2052, a group of scientists get their hands on an old artifact from a meteor and experiment with a new nanotechnology with its material. After several experiments, they managed to develop a garment that connected humans to this unknown power.

There are 5 categories of nanotechnology: basic, rare, super rare, epic and

501 prototype garments were created and stored in a secret base and tested on humans. Unfortunately, the experiments went wrong. Scientists realized too late that this very nanotechnology they had created was cursed, when it connected to humans it would also robotize each of its cells and turn humans into a cold-hearted robot. A way for these guinea pigs to achieve immortality and become Eternals, but at what cost?

To start its launch, NFINITY thanks its customers by offering a unique 1 on 1 limited edition sweater, as well as 3% royalties.

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NFINITY was developed by the two co-founders of the company, Diego Di Tomasso (Founder, Community Manager) and Richard Hamade (Founder, Marketing Officer). The company has ambitions to become the first to be recognized as the metaverse’s battle royale and hopes to be as successful as Fortnite.

In the future, NFINITY plans to collaborate with the Tommy Hilfiger brand for the creation of clothes for its next collection.

Diego Di Tomasso


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