Naraka: Bladepoint gets huge new Holoroth map, new season, dogfight and weather on August 19


Naraka: Bladepoint gets a huge new map, Holoroth, a new season, and several major new features on August 19. New features include a weather system, an all-new zone, interactive items you can use, new combat experiences including dogfights, and much more.

As the game, which recently debuted on Xbox, heads into its one year anniversary, it looks like 24 Entertainment is going big. The new Holoroth map is the focus of the update, and terrain will matter a lot.

This new update adds a lot of different options, so with the map being so huge, there’s a lot of new features in pretty territory. but you’ll have to think about how you play and how you interact with your surroundings, while staying one step ahead of your enemies.

From sleet to relentless desert sandstorms, weather and climate will play a part in strategy and even luck, while items like rockfalls and vines you can interact with can also tip the battle. in your favor if you use them at the right times. When you’re in the snow, which can get quite deep and not forgiving how much it slows you down, you’ll need to be careful not to get overexposed to the cold and get to a campfire to warm up in time.

With the new map comes new combat experiences as well, and you’ll be able to try aerial combat for the first time on the floating platforms around the Feathered Castle on this map. Jump across chasms and fight in all new ways, then head to other areas of the new map, like the town of Tang and the town of Mehtaab, which have buildings you can climb and use to your advantage . This can include dogfights or taking cover for ranged attacks, before moving into melee again.

For more details, head towards Naraka: The tip of the blade.


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