Munitions factory workers go to war against new NIFT-designed Army combat uniform


Saying that artillery factories cannot be treated like Air India, Srikumar asked, “How will artillery factories survive if they don’t get contracts? “.

“Ordnance Factories cannot be treated as commercial, and the goal must not be for profit,” Srikumar said.

However, some believe that public and private companies will be involved in a tendering process to manufacture the new uniform.

CPI leader and MP for Rajya Sabha, Binoy Viswam, sent a letter to Rajnath Singh, supporting the OFB employees and their argument.

“Despite the Ordinance factories having a highly skilled and experienced workforce, NABL accredited laboratories, the latest quality control systems and modern machinery, they are continually losing work to private entities that operate through contract and subcontract systems, using unskilled workers and exploiting them to secure a lower price,” Viswam said in his letter.

Saying that the “unfair competition created between a PSU and private entities”, Viswam added, “This decision will have a big impact on OCF Avadi, OCF Shajahanpur and OEF Hazratpur who are struggling for workload after their transformation into society”.


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