Most ambitious video game project of all time ‘Star Citizen’ raises $ 400 million in total funding



The highly anticipated space trading and combat simulation game Star Citizen has topped $ 400 million in funding. Robert Space Industries, on their official website, mentioned that the project also had 3.3 million customers.


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Star Citizen and its crowdfunding

Cloud developer Imperium Games has revealed precisely how much funding the game has received. The support the potential game received was unwarranted, and it grossed $ 350 million in March of this year. However, it took 8 months for the game to receive an additional $ 50 million.

The game’s development process was made public earlier. However, it was not for the right reasons. The game’s development process has come under public scrutiny for the constant irresponsibility of the developers when it comes to a set release date. The game has been in development for years and fans haven’t been and aren’t thrilled that a release hasn’t been announced yet. To put it in perspective, game crowdfunding started over 9 years ago.

Cloud Imperium Games’ main source of revenue comes from the sale of subscriptions, starter packs and virtual spaceships. In a roadmap that was released, the game was scheduled to release its 3.16 update later this year. The next update, 3.17, was slated for the next quarter in early 2022.


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3.18, the next update, is slated to drop in Q2 2022. And yet, there aren’t any new updates on a release date or anything like that.

The game is also supposed to have a single player campaign. Squadron 42, is an upcoming cinematic story mode. It is also said to feature several Hollywood stars. However, the developers have confirmed that the game’s development still has a long way to go, even for its beta; the security is more than 7 years behind its maturity date.

However, things could get better for the game. CIG has announced plans to open a studio in Manchester. And this studio should house all the members of the organization, or around 400.


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