Mortal Online 2 has new Community Standards to combat toxic behavior, including creepy developer harassment


Star Vault has shared new community guidelines on Deadly online 2. While acknowledging that MO2 is a competitive game, they are updating the guidelines as needed after harassment against players and developers has reached unacceptable levels.

The development team knows that sometimes you let off steam or put down your opponents after a tough loss, and sometimes even a victory. Yet there are lines that should not be crossed, and remembering that the person on the other end is, in fact, a person sometimes seems ignored. The new guidelines and the team’s response also cover comments about what have been called gaps in the application of existing rules and the failure to maintain a safe environment for player or developer participation.

These two groups are different in their roles and expectations of them, of course, but there have been some pretty toxic reactions to both of them and that’s why they’re taking action now.

“At Star Vault, we have always tried to make our players feel safe and bad behavior punished where appropriate, but we understand that sometimes some players may not have felt that effort, and so we are striving to be better and making changes to reflect that.

They also noted that the development team was subject to chilling harassment attacks and even threats of violence:

“We have a few other accounts we are investigating for the same type of campaigns, some of the actions of these people were but not limited to; dissemination of personal photos of friends and family members of SV staff, dissemination of private and public personal accounts of SV employees, attempts to disseminate IP information of SV staff, advocacy for the death of employees of SV, constant harassment, abuse and slander of players and employees. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. »

This has led to many developers leaving Discord to move away from publicly available channels. While there’s a potential note of hope, “in the future, we hope to recreate a healthier space where our staff are more willing to publicly interact with the community and provide feedback on the great game they’re working on. working”.

You can read the full statement and details at Deadly online 2.


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