MLB The Show 21 Receives New Update To Address ‘Abusive Gameplay’, Patch Notes Revealed



Months after launching earlier this year, developer Sony San Diego continues to post routine updates for the latest edition of its annualized sports title, MLB The Show 21. As of this morning, another such update for the game is now available, and while it doesn’t do much in the grand scheme of things, it continues to improve the overall experience.

This latest update for MLB The Show 21 rolled out this morning across all platforms and is the game’s 15th update since it first launched in april. As for what this fix does, Sony San Diego has mainly tweaked a number of existing elements in the title. For example, a new addition will now allow players to report other issues during online matches.

Probably the biggest change that has happened to MLB The Show 21 in this update, however, involves a new cap of XP that can be earned daily. Sony San Diego now only allows players to earn a maximum of 35,000 XP each day from the game. The studio points out that this cap is a cap that most gamers should never be able to reach and is instead meant to fight. those who operate the system.

As mentioned, this patch is live right now on all platforms that MLB The Show 21 Appears on. For reference, these platforms are PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

If you want to find the full list of changes included in today’s new update, you can find the patch notes below.


  • Fixed a freeze that would occur when a terrain hit the dirt below the catcher
  • Players will now be notified when a thrower pinch hits another thrower
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the bullpen menu
  • We have set a daily cap of 35,000 XP earned through the game. This cap should not be achieved by “normal” game means – this is intended to combat large amounts of XP games from unusual or exploitative gameplay. We are committed to increasing this cap in the future if necessary. (The cap will adjust accordingly during double XP events.)


  • Players will now have the option to initiate a bereavement report in the pause menu by pressing L1



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