Microsoft’s Cryptic Tweet Excites Shib Army; Is a revolutionary partnership possible?



  • Microsoft recently tweeted about its Teams
  • The tweet excites the Shib army
  • It also attracts speculation of a possible Shiba Inu partnership.

Microsoft, the Redmond-based tech juggernaut, recently shared a cryptic tweet that sparked a lot of excitement within the Shib Army. Hundreds of Shib Army members reacted optimistically to the tweet.

Shiba Inu investors have speculated that Microsoft’s recent tweet may refer to a potential game-changing partnership between the tech giant and the rising coin. It all started when Microsoft’s official Twitter account mentioned types of “dogs” participating in online meetings on Teams on its corporate communications platform.

“There are two types of dogs in Teams meetings,” the tweet bed. In another tweet, the official Microsoft Teams account noted, “Team calls are 10 times better when dogs are involved.” However, the tech company has made no official statement about it.

Microsoft has defined a set of “Open App Store Principles” that will apply to the store it operates for Windows computers and future markets. Photo: AFP/Josh Edelson

Everything Microsoft wants to say with its tweets is still unknown, but it’s enough to excite the ever-supportive Shib Army. A Twitter user named IrelandShib tweeted“#Shib Army could you imagine what we all hope that means. The possibilities would be endless. We have faith in #Shib and @Microsoft.”

SHIB’s main influencer, who goes by the name Milkshake, is hoping for a potential collaboration between Shiba Inu and Microsoft. “Wow! Let me guess #ShibaInu @Microsoft,” she said. noted. SHIB lead developer Shytoshi Kusama also noticed the tweet and responded with a surprised GIF.

Although speculation within the Shiba Inu community may seem slightly optimistic, it’s not a crazy idea. Microsoft is one of the few companies that have embarked on cryptocurrencies relatively early by accepting bitcoin at the end of 2014.

The Redmond-based tech giant also posted a job posting in February for its own Web 3 development strategy. As for Shiba Inu, the team worked with the former Activision vice president of technology. Blizzard, William Volk, for its Shib games.

Surprisingly, Microsoft announced earlier this year the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Following the deal announcement, Shytoshi Kusama mentioned in a Tweeter about the fun of seeing “big players sharing a ‘meme piece’ on the MV too.”

“ICYMI: This acquisition echoes our latest decision to bring former Activision VP .@william_volk on board and the hiring of .@PlaysideStudios to work on our game. It’s fun to see the greats players share the same vision of a ‘meme coin’ on the MV too. #Bullish! #ShibArmy,” Kusama tweeted.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu also announced their metaverse project as “Shiba Lands”. This platform would allow users to buy digital real estate with crypto.

Shiba Inu benefited from several weeks of price increases in a market that is still rebounding. At the time of writing, SHIB is trading up 0.84% ​​at $0.00002913 with a 24-hour volume of $2,184,924,610, according to Coinmarketcap Data.

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