Meet the Arcanist and his card stacks and combo battles, coming July 20 in Lost Ark


If you are looking for something new in lost ark, maybe the next advanced class for the mage, the arcanist, will do the trick. The Arcanist will arrive in a week, on July 20, with the next major update, as well as another series of limited-time progression boost events.

The Arcanist uses cards to perform his magical abilities and his skills are divided into three categories. Normal skills will deal damage and increase his specialty meter. Stacking and Ruin are partners, two categories that when used together lead to his strongest attacks.

If you use skills in the Stack category, they create stacks on your targets, then when you follow up with a skill in the Ruin category, they will use those stacks to unleash massive damage.

In case that’s not enough, you have the option of the “Card Deck” skill, which allows him to use the deck of cards to attack and refill the card counter when those attacks land. When the counter is full, a random card is drawn from the draw pile and its effects apply. However, it’s not all down to chance, as you can store two cards in your deck that you can use and activate whenever you want. There are many cards you can call upon in these two methods. Some of these cards include:

Ghost Card – Ignore collisions with monsters. Movement speed +20% and enemy damage -50% for 3 hits for 16s.

Star Card – Recovers 100% MP. Remaining Skills Cooldown -15% except for Awakening, Movement, and Straighten Skills.

Twisted Fate Card – For 4s your skill damage remains the same or increases by 40%.

The Arcanist comes with two unique class engravings, and your choice will affect how your deck serves you, in addition to adding a card to your deck.

When the update arrives, there will be two limited-time events that will help you level up and progress for any advanced class you choose. Similar to previous events, there is a Punika Powerpass to insta-level any alt to item level 1302 and the end of the Punika storyline. There is also an express event that will allow all characters in IL 1302, including any character you just brought instantly, to take on special missions and progress to 1370.

For the full list of Arcanist skills, cards, and more, head towards Lost Ark.


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